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I had a lovely telephone call from my daughter this evening....... ah, it's good to talk, was on the phone for nearly an hour, heck.!

Men came yesterday morning, climbed up onto the roof to put some new roofing tiles up.......... er, sorry guv, think you are going to need a whole new roof, WHAT.!! big bucks obviously. We are going to get a second opinion though, never know these buddies may be cowboys and wanting loads of money.

Now off to raid the choc box and make a cuppa, and take a tour of the site.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams.

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Posted at 20th Nov 2008 - 01:07AM   Posted by Camilla   I CAN'T SLEEP CHAT POST Comments: 6

Frances's Avatar Hello to you Camilla,

It is so late, hoping that you won't be awake much longer.

We worked steadily today to get ready for our big sale that will begin tomorrow morning. I hope that the customers will all just burst through the doors. (Our regular customers do get a notice of this sale, and will receive an extra 10% of the sale price for the next two days.)

I returned home to see that the financial markets are still very much in a negative state of mind. I try to keep my nerves under control, hope that I really can be healthy enough never to have to stop working!

Hoping you do get your roof done, and definitely think that you should have several roofers competiting for the work.


Posted by: Frances on 20th Nov 2008 at 02:02AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Frances,

Thank you. I will be posting some cards soon, have just been scouting about the site, and checking PM'S.

Hope the sale goes well at the shop Frances, and that many customers purchase and not only browse, like the idea of 10% of sale price for regular customers.

We are fortunately lucky enough to have our health Frances, I heard today that many people have had their homes repossesed and that many are now renting and not buying.

We will get another estimate for roof, so expensive for a new one.


Posted by: Camilla on 20th Nov 2008 at 02:17AM

Frances's Avatar Camilla, it is so late. Please do close the lights and your eyes.

Thanks for your good wishes for tomorrow. I do need a long deep sleep myself tonight!

See you tomorrow.

Posted by: Frances on 20th Nov 2008 at 02:25AM

Camilla's Avatar I am just going to post another card, then I am off to bed.

Best of luck with the sale, all those gorgeous garments.!

Sleep well Frances, night night, and see you tomorrow.

Love Camilla.xx

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Nov 2008 at 02:31AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Thank you Camilla

Eeeek I hope you don't need a whole new roof . . . that would indeed be expensive - good you are getting a second quote and maybe even a third.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 20th Nov 2008 at 02:13PM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you Westerwitch,

Hope we do not need a new roof too, it never rains but it pours.Rolling Eyes Will be interesting to know if we need a new one.


Posted by: Camilla on 21st Nov 2008 at 01:22AM

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