Cowart's Common Room
Thanks Pipany!

It is truly lovely, and very quick service.

Faith x

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Posted at 6th Nov 2008 - 11:40AM   Posted by Faith   Thanks Pipany! Comments: 6

Exmoorjane's Avatar Isn't she fab? I feel an urgent need for some Pipany products but must sit on my hands until a cheque comes in.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 6th Nov 2008 at 11:43AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Oh gawd and me - I couldn't justify another bag - but the berludy mice just ate a hole in my favourite bag . . . Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Westerwitch on 6th Nov 2008 at 11:55AM

Pipany's Avatar Ahh, thank you Faith. I'm glad you liked it xx

Posted by: Pipany on 6th Nov 2008 at 12:09PM

Woozle1967's Avatar Delightful.x

Posted by: Woozle1967 on 6th Nov 2008 at 12:27PM

Milla's Avatar Lovely! do you have an embroidery machine, Pip, and if so which one? you can't be doing these by hand Shocked

Posted by: Milla on 6th Nov 2008 at 03:46PM

Pipany's Avatar All done by my own fair (!) hands Milla. Wouldn't know how to use an embroidery machine plus that's half the fun for me.

Posted by: Pipany on 6th Nov 2008 at 05:14PM

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