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I went out as usual to feed the sheep this morning and Pebbles refused her coarse feed and hay - which is just not like her. The vet came up this afternoon. Pebbles might be sick but gave me the run around trying to get a lead on her . . . yes lead - well they are pet sheep.

Anyway Pebbles has pneumonia again. She has been given an antibiotic injection and an anti inflammatory injection and I have seen her this evenng up in the field eating so fingers crossed. If she keeps getting pneumonia then her prognosis is not good apparently . . . and then would what I do with poor Bam Bam . . . They are seven years old this year and I have had them from lambs.

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Posted at 21st Apr 2008 - 07:49PM   Posted by Westerwitch   Pebbles Comments: 15

Faith's Avatar Oh dear poor PebblesCrying or Very sad I wonder why she keeps getting it. You must be very worried. Hope the injections help. Fingers crossed as you say.

Posted by: Faith on 21st Apr 2008 at 08:22PM

Inthemud's Avatar Oh dear, Poor Pebbles, hope she will make good recovery

Posted by: Inthemud on 21st Apr 2008 at 08:22PM

Westerwitch's Avatar The vet said that she has got pneumonia again because of all the temperature changes. Plus Pebbles had pneumonia when she was a lamb - so she may have lung damage - although in the seven years since she was ill as a lamb and before this January she had only had pneumonia once. Gawd if you see what I mean - so to date she has now had it four times and Bam Bam three times. So I may get them through this Summer if things improve, but am worried about next winter - but will cross that bridge . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st Apr 2008 at 08:31PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Yes ... face one bridge at a time - and make the most of today...

Posted by: Withy Brook on 21st Apr 2008 at 09:05PM

Patsy's Avatar We're in new territory here long do pet sheep live?
I'm afraid those commercial sheep I dealt usually only had 4-6 summers at most.
Anybody know the record?

Posted by: Patsy on 21st Apr 2008 at 09:16PM

Patsy's Avatar To answer my own question, I just found out about a ewe that had her last set of lambs at age 15!!
So lots of time I hope for the lovely Pebbles. She has such an inquisitive face, great characters aren't they?
Clearly you are doing everything possible for her so very best of luck.
We'll all do better as the summer comes on with a bit of sun on our backs..and she can build up her strength.

Posted by: Patsy on 21st Apr 2008 at 09:49PM

Westerwitch's Avatar I had two ewes given to me when they were eight - one I had to have put down as she was crippled with arthritis when she was thirteen and one died of old age when she was fourteen. So they an live a good, happy and healthy life for a long time

Thank you for the information Patsy. My main concern is that both Pebbles and Bam Bam had severe pneumonia when they were lambs and this may have caused damage to their lungs. However they have been pretty fit up until this winter and my vets have said that they have seen a lot of pneumonia this year with all the drastic temperature changes . . . But as Withy says one bridge at a time and live for today.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st Apr 2008 at 10:06PM

Westerwitch's Avatar And yes they are amazing characters . . . when KittyB was here they were cavorting around like lambs and they do that every Spring . . they have a love of life and I love them and they love the food I bring them . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st Apr 2008 at 10:08PM

Patsy's Avatar Gosh they do all live to grand old ages, you are obviously so dedicated to them all! Here's hoping for a perkier Pebbles tomorrow..
I do so understand where you are coming from; my old faithful pony is 30+ and until a few months ago was happily and soundly ridden twice a week. But now she's stiff and lame and I'm fearful this may be her last summer. But fresh grass is a wonderful pick-me -up and she's certainly not lost her appetite! Hey ho ..animals always a worry..

Posted by: Patsy on 21st Apr 2008 at 11:13PM

Camilla's Avatar So sorry to hear darling Pebbles is poorly, I know how much you love your animals Westerwitch. I hope the injections do help her, please keep us informed as to how Pebbles is doing.

Love and Hugs,

Posted by: Camilla on 22nd Apr 2008 at 02:21AM

Frances's Avatar I am thinking that if I were you (desperately avoiding typing ewe) I would send a pm to sue and ask her opinion.


Posted by: Frances on 22nd Apr 2008 at 02:40AM

Ivy's Avatar I don't know if that relates to sheep as well as to humans but there are people with a tendency to have pneumonia, which can be treated very effectively with homoeopathy once the actual pneumonia has been treated with antibiotics. It's a kind of retuning of the body ,getting it into a balance so that the disease can't settle in so often if you understand what I mean.

Posted by: Ivy on 22nd Apr 2008 at 07:25AM

Wizzard's Avatar big hugs to Pebbles and Bam Bam


Posted by: Wizzard on 22nd Apr 2008 at 08:14AM

WW, Have you tried boosting her immune system by giving certain herbs? I always swear by them and I am sure someone on here can help you know what to give and when. If not I am happy to look it all up for you. I use Hilton Herbs for the horses. Garlic is great for lung toruble. Our horses used to cough a lot in winter but all are well now. They just have garlic smelly breaths! Might also try Echinachea. I was told that to work best we need to begin the winter boosting before wnter actually arrives so if you wanted ot try this you ought to begin this summer, and make sure she has the herbs before winter sets in.

Posted by: Crucifix on 23rd Apr 2008 at 11:05PM

PS, I just read Ivy's post - yes I agree totally. A treatment which treats the whole sheep would help too. Homeopathic works really well on sheep.

Posted by: Crucifix on 23rd Apr 2008 at 11:06PM

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