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badly behaved children

Last year l posted a comment in the Moans and Groans box concerning middle class parents and their decided lack of parenting skills. I even mentioned it in yesterday's blog for my sins.

Well, l have the greatest pleasure in announcing that the professional classes have not taken note of the comments we all raised then! So what do we do when faced with appallingly badly behaved children who are allowed to run riot whilst their parents calmly chat and sip lattes?

Hubby today attempted to 'discipline' one such mini-thug and was greeted by a very loud mother who announced to the world she was a solicitor and therefore knew her rights; this was common assault!

What had the poor misguided farmer done that was so bad - only walked the small creature back to it's parents after repeatedly asking the 'pack' to stop jumping on the picnic tables and hurling sticks!

Gawd help them when they are 15 or 16, does the word 'looser' come to mind?

Steam has now been let off!

Posted at 3rd Apr 2008 - 04:44PM   Posted by Muddyboots   badly behaved children Comments: 18

Sad but true, if one hear screaming kids in French Supermarkets rampaging up and down then it is a safe bet to assume that they are English regardless of class.

Losers indeed

Posted by: Miss penelope on 3rd Apr 2008 at 05:01PM

Snailbeachshepherdess's Avatar sadly this is what teachers, cub leaders, Sunday School teachers and youth workers are all faced with ....which is why they give up! The lager louts and yobs of tomorrow?

Posted by: Snailbeachshepherdess on 3rd Apr 2008 at 05:22PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Ah but they're expressing their individuality, the little dears....unfettered creativity. Wink

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 3rd Apr 2008 at 05:35PM

Faith's Avatar The farmer did the right thing though, and we should all continue to do so if the opportunity arises. It's the only way.

Posted by: Faith on 3rd Apr 2008 at 05:37PM

Ivy's Avatar OMG I have children of the age in question and if they behaved like that...... I'd be embarrassed to bits. The farmer did the right thing because if they are not stopped now when will they be? When they pushed someone in front of the tube or when they set fire to a house?

Posted by: Ivy on 3rd Apr 2008 at 05:56PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Actually the little brats were probably breaking some sort of law - be great to quote that back at bossy solicitor type women with horrible badly behaved kids.

Frankly next time kids misbehave tell the parents in a very loud voice that if they don't control their children they will be asked to leave . . . mind you I think you have done that as well haven't you and got abused . . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 3rd Apr 2008 at 05:56PM

SallysChateau's Avatar No win situation with those sorts, don't know how to behave themselves and inflict their ghastly brats on everyone else. Keep cool. Rolling Eyes

Posted by: SallysChateau on 3rd Apr 2008 at 06:07PM

LittleBrownDog's Avatar Couldn't agree more, Muddyboots. I was helping on a school trip to one of the airbases near here the other week, when one eight-year-old put his hand up to the officer that was showing them round, and said, "I've got a question, when you've stopped blathering on." I think he was trying to make the other boys laugh, but I was appalled. Needless to say, none of the adults said or did anything about it. Grrrrrr.

Posted by: LittleBrownDog on 3rd Apr 2008 at 06:21PM

Sad to say itrrify kid's!! especialy after the word got around that i hit one lad with a spade for chepping a worm in half little B------- He still remembers it fondly !!
But cannot stand people who let their children run rot it's embarressing if you know them and annoying if you don't..

Posted by: Bodran on 3rd Apr 2008 at 06:52PM

LaughingBerludy good bit of spelling in there!!! I meant TERRIFY..And CHOPPING AND RIOT Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Bodran on 3rd Apr 2008 at 06:53PM

prefer the orginal Bodran, more force and power.

I have a very good withering look. Even gets babies to shut up

Posted by: Miss penelope on 3rd Apr 2008 at 07:00PM

KittyB's Avatar I saw a similar thing happen at Newby Hall one day, parents sitting having lunch, ignoring their brats who were climbing and haning off the little apple trees on the grass nearby, being appalling and rude. The older Compton chap, the family that owns the Hall - this was the father of the current 'owner' - came out and gave them a good old telling off - and said to the parents how disgusted he was, his grandfather had planted those treees. The urge to applaud and cheer was almost overwhelming. The parents just looked like spoilt teenagers being told off at school - sarky looks and smirks. I hope deep down they felt thoroughly ashamed of themselves and their monstrous offspring, but sadly I doubt it.

Posted by: KittyB on 3rd Apr 2008 at 07:37PM

Elizabethm's Avatar I have a withering look too and a tone of voice, very rarely used but used to reduce my own to silent obedience. Whether it would work on the kids you are talking about is another matter, they haven't been taught to listen!

Posted by: Elizabethm on 3rd Apr 2008 at 08:13PM

Frances's Avatar Please let me put my oar in, remembering that I have never been married and have no children.

I just cannot, cannot believe how folks can have children, which means creating a human being that was never before here (unless one keeps an open mind to reincarnation) and then just does not act with responsibility, as that new human's years go by.

(I may have to add this to my 7 secrets requested by UPL ... I do take things seriously, even if I really prefer laughing!)


Posted by: Frances on 4th Apr 2008 at 12:28AM

Pondside's Avatar Horrible people with no manners - no common sense - nothing at all worth having. They're bringing up nasty children who'll have a huge sense of entitlement. So sad - they exist all over, but seem to exist more with professional mums than anywhere - why on earth did they bother having the children - perhaps to finish off the image?

Posted by: Pondside on 4th Apr 2008 at 03:43AM

Vic's Avatar The lack of parenting of some children makes teaching very hard. They get used to throwing a paddy at home to get their own way and repeat that behaviour in the classroom. The problem is, the kids then go home, tell their version of a story to their parents, who then phone up, have a paddy etc etc. The parents try and dictate to us, the teachers, what we should and shouldn't do. It's appalling to treat a profession this way, they wouldn't phone up their doctor and talk to him/her in this manner. These 'parents' have a lot to answer for.

Posted by: Vic on 4th Apr 2008 at 08:24AM

Milla's Avatar I find it all bizarre. Some of my friends seem absolutely unable to notice when their children are being vile - exactly what Pondside says, "entitlement". A group of us went out for the day and included a trip to a nice pub (where we met, Kitty) as play area etc. One of the boys started throwing sachets of stuff and chasing round and round between the tables and no one took any notice. His mother was joining us later so there was no-one directly responsible for him beyond us all. We were outside, at least, but even so at best it was *loody irritating and at worst "offensive". I glanced at the others and they were utterly oblivious. I was seething (naturally) and eventually had to go and boot him elsewhere, onto the fort and away from civilisation. Am sure everyone else thought I was really "stressy" but it was driving me mental. Then I was the only one apologising (in a rather pointed way) to the poor waitress for the mess this child had made in a glass (of someone else's drink, naturally) with squeezings of ketchup and maionnaise. Outrageous! Aaargh! Fascist Mother rides again.

Posted by: Milla on 4th Apr 2008 at 01:06PM

Little gits!! LOL

Posted by: Country Craft Angel on 4th Apr 2008 at 08:34PM

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