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We set off bright and early on the old Cresta bus whose arrival we had begun to doubt so late did it appear and then proceeded to trundle eastwards in fair weather breaking only at Reading to allow the driver to take his rest break. Then on through the congestion to Gatwick and then the aeroplane to Nantes. A tiring and rather boring journey but uneventful. Our opposite numbers were waiting for us: Nick and I, singletons on this journey, were to be boarded as before at our friends, BĂ©atrice and Jean-Charles Fournier.

Yet there was a problem in that the Fourniers had been hosting members of the German twinning delegation and defective train arrangements meant that our rooms were still occupied, meaning Nick and I had to be boarded out, me with Collette and Nick with the Burbans who live just south of Nantes. We went to the Burbans first and were offered aperitifs - kir and sausage.

Mireile Burban - a lovely kind former teacher has a dog which resembles a stole that my Great Aunt used to wear: a tiny animal with a long thick black coat, sparkling eyes and no tail. Neither did it seem to have any legs hidden as they were beneath its coat. It was however very sweet or 'mignon' in the local phraseolgy.

Afterwards Mireille who knows my interest in things historical too me into her kitchen dominated by a large 'Armoire' or superwardrobe and made of black oak. It was the size of a small shipping container and dated from the time of the French Revolution. Such pieces are quite common but are totally the wrong size for a modern house. This was a fine example of the species.

Braced by the aperitifs we left the Burbans and carried on to Clisson and the Fourniers where it was time for a second aperitif and then supper after which Beatrice ran me over to Colette's house just outside town and on the edge of a vineyard where she lives with Francois, her husband. There, refusing all sustenance liquid and solid, I retired gratefully to bed. And then it was Friday. . .

Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 11th Jun 2019 - 03:59PM   Posted by Fennie   Poste Alouette: Jeudi Comments: 3

Camilla's Avatar Sounds like quite an eventful first day Fennie, love hearing all about your tripVery Happy You could use every day events in a Diary to keep Fennie.

Posted by: Camilla on 11th Jun 2019 at 05:54PM

Fennie's Avatar But what kind was the dog - Mireille told me but I cannot remember. Mireille and her husband Christian were with us in Lorient last summer. Lovely people. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 11th Jun 2019 at 09:26PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar A busy start to a busy week I'll guess.
I love your description of the dog, whatever it is.Laughing
I suppose when you wear huge dresses you need a huge wardrobe to keep them in, it would only take a few considering the volume of each one in those days.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 12th Jun 2019 at 10:41AM

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