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I have a confession to make to Withy: I have been elected as Treasurer of the Vale National Trust Group - but I did say that I would only do it for three years in the first instance.

Last night was our AGM. The old President retired, a new President was elected. We gave the old President an engraved wine glass and a bottle of Bollinger. The new President only got a round of applause. The must have been 80 or so members present, mostly old and deaf like me. Nevertheless we were entertained to a most interesting talk about bees - not beekeeping as such - but more why the bee is such an interesting subject. We share 60 percent of our DNA with bees apparently and bees brains work like ours - or rather as bees have been here for much longer than us - our brains work like bees. Being social animals bees have reached a high level of societal development. The human species is still at the herding stage - unlike bees - humans cannot control their population numbers and therefore have to rely on catastrophes for this, whereas the fertility of bees depend on what resources they have. Ants and termites do much the same.

Anyway, being Treasurer I was counting the money. We are awaydaying to Dynevor castle and to Cyfarthfa castle (one real, one mock castle) in the summer and people were giving me cheques. Meanwhile the car is being serviced and Mot'd. £99 for service plus £30 for MoT (or was it £40?). I was driven home in a Citroen C6 which is the top model in the Citroen range. Most incredibly comfortable with hydropneumatic suspension. I am, to coin a phrase, a busy bee. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 18th Apr 2019 - 11:27AM   Posted by Fennie   Confession Comments: 5

Withy Brook's Avatar You’ll never learn! Smile
I’ve had a bed made up for you in the San ready for you it chill out with a Book Club book!
Sounds an interesting program.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 18th Apr 2019 at 03:39PM

Withy Brook's Avatar You to chill out

Posted by: Withy Brook on 18th Apr 2019 at 03:40PM

Fennie's Avatar I should have asked but I have always wondered why bees, wasps etc have such tiny waists. We would look very odd if our tops and bottoms were connected only by a piece of plumbing for they don't have backbones. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 18th Apr 2019 at 05:18PM

Camilla's Avatar Thank for posting Fennie, great pic by the way, and well done for being elected the new Treasurer. Very Happy Love all the Citreon cars too.

Posted by: Camilla on 18th Apr 2019 at 05:32PM

Fennie's Avatar I didn't take the pic, Camilla Sad unfortunately, but I did by three geraniums for £5 which have flowers the colour of the bees' pollen basket - a sort of brick-orange-red, bright and sunny anyway. Fairly lazy day today. Will watch David Attenborough tonight.Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 18th Apr 2019 at 07:00PM

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