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Afternoon All

Afternoon All,

Phew busy day so far, have pruned my one and only climbing rose bush in the rear garden as forgot to do in February and listening to Monty Don he said best to prune no later than end of March. Watered the plants, hung out a long line of washing mainly bedding, cleaned the windows, walked the dog, emptied the dishwasher and having a sit down before I mow the front lawns for the first time this year. Late afternoon after my walk again with Patch over the beach I must 'touch up' and repaint the iron frame window box.

Beautiful day, clear blue sky, lots of sunny intervals quite warm and just a hint of a gentle breeze, perfect.Very Happy

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.Uploaded Image

Posted at 20th Mar 2019 - 01:04PM   Posted by Camilla   Afternoon All Comments: 2

Fennie's Avatar Busy bee Camilla! And when you finish you can come over and clean my windows, which get cleaned once a year if they are lucky. It's OK provided the sun doesn't shine (which it doesn't very often). I can never clean windows without leaving great smears which are worse than the dirt. How do you do it? Grey and horrible here. Back still very sore but easing slightly. But I feel exhausted. Missed French yesterday and the VOGANTM lecture today. Luckily haven't got that much on, but must apply for a new driving licence now. Every 3 years I think. Just as well you don't have to do a test. Don't think I would pass. Suspect my driving days are coming to an end. Perhaps I am coming to an end! Crying or Very sadCrying or Very sad

Posted by: Fennie on 20th Mar 2019 at 05:57PM

Camilla's Avatar Vinegar is good Fennie for cleaning windows but actually I was out of vinegar so had to use a window cleaner that the previous cottage owner left in the cupboard here.

I have got a paperless driving license now since about two years ago so another year then before applying for new one? I would hate to do my test again too Fennie that's for sure.

No you are not coming to an end Fennie, just that you are having bad days with aching limbs and maybe doing too much with the meetings etc, anyway another hug and purple vibes winging their way over you Fennie, hope you feel better soon.

Er, not an actual window cleaner person in the cupboard.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 21st Mar 2019 at 05:49PM

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