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It's the AGM of the Twinning Association tonight and it has been left to Muggins here to take it seeing as M (Secretary) is seriously ill and A his partner has taken him to France before Brexit smashes up reciprocal health arrangements and makes travel insurance for someone with a medical condition prohibitive. So I am without a Chair or Secretary, but never mind I am sure Muggins can muddle through with the rest of them. At least I am prepared and yesterday met two potentially excellent recruits whom I hope will not only join the association but join the Committee as well bringing new blood to the old show which began in 1988 when we were all young and vibrant. Now all we want to do when we visit Clisson is to sit in someone's garden and enjoy a three hour lunch and good company. Yesterday, meeting the new people, I spent far too long talking about Clisson's history on the frontiers of Brittany and its magnificent castle which even when ruined would be eminently defensible with its moats and rivers and parapets, and not nearly enough about the long garden lunches in the sunshine.

In the old days we used to get grants from the EU which meant that we had to engage in some educational activity during our visits so we had to forsake our long lunches for visits to sewage farms or even proper farms with cows, including one that was automated entirely, the cows given the decision when to approach the automatic milker, get milked, get a helping of food depending on their volume of milk, and wander off again contentedly. You wouldn't have thought it possible, would you, for cows to be milked by a robot but it is and before milking comes a sort of car wash of the udders, all to the sound of soothing music - a sort of Radio 1 for bovines of the Friesian persuasion. Actually I find the details rather revolting and it makes me ever more inclined to be a vegan until such time as they can synthesize milk in a laboratory - shouldn't be too difficult, should it?

The rain meanwhile continues to pour out of an opaque and leaden sky. Most certainly an inclemency but being fresh out of sherry I have had to make do with whisky, digestive biscuits and aspirin as I feel to be going down with a cold. At least that is my excuse. Have a good afternoon, folk.Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 15th Mar 2019 - 12:56PM   Posted by Fennie   AGM Comments: 2

Camilla's Avatar All I can say is Fennie, aw, poor cows.. and yes I could easily be a vegan and give up dairy but I don't like milk anyway but of course I eat dairy so milk must be in it.

Good to hear you have some new recruits Fennie, but sorry to hear you may have a cold coming hope you will be alright for tonight's AGM tonight, if not do you have another waiting in the wings who could step in for you? Whisky sounds good for the medicinal or even brandy, hope you feel better soon Fennie.

Posted by: Camilla on 15th Mar 2019 at 05:51PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar It seems to get harder and harder to find new recruits for these kind of things. We're lucky in the Clarsach Soc our committee has quite a few new recruits, only because there are so many adults playing now though - we have no parents of aspiring harpists taking lessons or hiring harps from the Soc' on board which is a bit of a poor show.

HO has been joined on the board of the Tarbat Discovery Centre by a new flush of Trustees as the original board that set it up are all dropping off the other end Blink and as a historical site as important as Lindisfarne it would be a travesty if it were to fold through lack of someone to run it.

I love the automated set ups where the cows can go and get milked when they want and not when the farmer is able to, it must be much more comfortable for them.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 16th Mar 2019 at 10:32AM

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