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Afternoon Post

Afternoon All,

Lovely that the sun has just come out after a dismal rainy morning.

Saw the nurse this morning will pop up on forums later.
Very Happy

Just going to hang the laundry on line albeit late in the day, I don't mind admitting it that when my alarm went off this morning at 6.30am I could have turned over.Very Happy

Enjoy your day.Very Happy

Posted at 21st Feb 2019 - 01:23PM   Posted by Camilla   Afternoon Post Comments: 6

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Posted by: Camilla on 21st Feb 2019 at 01:29PM

Fennie's Avatar Why ever do you get up so early, Camilla? I admire your industry. Most definitely Larkish.

Will look at the forums but take it that you'll be with us for a wee while longer at least.Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 21st Feb 2019 at 01:32PM

Camilla's Avatar Hi Fennie,

I take a while to come to, first thing of the day is I must have a very large cup of tea, then there is Patch for his wee wee's etc, by that time its 7.20am and I had forgot to iron my shirt so that's another 10 mins, then quick shower, out the house by 8.25am I am not a quick mover Fennie these days.Very Happy

Have not kicked the bucket quite just yet Fennie, you will be happy to hear.Very Happy Got on the scales weighed 9st 2 so up by 2 pounds.. cerikey.

Oh and as I was driving the usual route to surgery all the roads were dug up and diversions everywhere ,just got to the surgery by the skin of my teeth... phew,!

Posted by: Camilla on 21st Feb 2019 at 01:51PM

Fennie's Avatar Yes if you have to leave by 8.25 - I would have had to be up by 7.30, but then I don't have a dog. Half an hour for breakfast (porridge and tea) and feeding the birds, half an hour to shower and dress, half an hour to look at the computer and then I am ready. As you say not fast. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 21st Feb 2019 at 02:33PM

Camilla's Avatar Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 21st Feb 2019 at 05:22PM

Fennie's Avatar Really beautiful spring day today. Crocusses out, spring flowers, warm and mild. But we are a town of elderlies though. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 21st Feb 2019 at 07:53PM

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