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Afternoon All,

Do hope you all had a good weekend.

Very cold here today no sun and grey sky, the heating is on the blink again sometimes it works other day nothing . I have texted Dave about it so not sure what the problem is even though I have been told I do not need a new boiler . We have a lovely electric log burner that can give out some lovely warm heat but I have been banned from even switching it on so wearing lots of woolly's today.Very Happy

Spent a lovely day with my daughtet and son in law yesterday. We drove through Wroxham and then to Costessy here in Norfolk finally stopping off at Taverham Garden centre which is where I used to shop when I lived in our other house .

Have a good day everyone .Very Happy

Posted at 18th Feb 2019 - 12:06PM   Posted by Camilla   Afternoon Post Comments: 11

Fennie's Avatar Ooh! That's a bit miserable, Camilla! The saving in oil should pay for a bit of electricity.

Weather much the same here but I went out into town to buy the paper and it started to rain, so dropped into the bookshop and had a long conversation with Ross the owner about books. He tried to recommend a doorstop of a book on 'Surveillance Capitalism, which he said would become a bible for our times. Rather him than me. He then suggested Jeanette Winterton's take on 'The Winter's Tale.' which I bought and he kindly discounted the price for me. It seems rather racy flipping through it, but I suppose most modern novels are. I then told him about 'Le Colonel Chabert,' which I have started to read in French. He was intrigued by the story and will order some copies of the English translation for the shop. By then it had stopped raining so I could come home.

Spring will soon be here. Hope Dave answers your distress call. Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Fennie on 18th Feb 2019 at 12:39PM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you Fennie.

Lovely to have a book shop near by Fennie, one that is to rummage in, do they have lots of classics too?

Posted by: Camilla on 18th Feb 2019 at 01:59PM

Camilla's Avatar Read that it was adapted for six different motion films and two silent films. 'Le Colonel Chabert'. You can obtain a used copy Fennie for just over a £1 on Ebay.

Posted by: Camilla on 18th Feb 2019 at 02:03PM

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Posted by: Camilla on 18th Feb 2019 at 02:10PM

Camilla's Avatar HL had a bug for about 4 days and now I think I have it... oh nooo.! tummy feels bruised and popping to loo are the symptoms and a feeling of weariness, so it will be just a bowl of hot Lentil soup for moi this evening. I am sure this bug first originated from hospital where my HL had to go for his scan recently.

Have a good evening everyone, looking forward to snuggling on the sofa later tonight with warm duvet and pillows with Patch to watch Cold Feet drama on TV.

Posted by: Camilla on 18th Feb 2019 at 05:46PM

Fennie's Avatar It may be severe, Camilla, but it may not last long. Let's hope. Meanwhile just put on the fire and snuggle up beside it.
Hope you feel better soon. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 18th Feb 2019 at 05:54PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Who forbad the electric fire? The heating man or the man who pays the bills?

Posted by: Withy Brook on 18th Feb 2019 at 06:01PM

Fennie's Avatar My aunt who is 90 or thereabouts lives in Taverham. Small world.

The woman doesn't seem to be reading and is holding the book as though she fears a viper is about to slip from its pages and leap into her bosom. But I have never read any Proust either, though I am always looking for lost time. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 18th Feb 2019 at 10:56PM

Camilla's Avatar It is the man who pays the electric bills Withy.!Confused

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Feb 2019 at 11:11AM

Camilla's Avatar Ah yes Fennie remember you telling me your aunt lives in Taverham.

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Feb 2019 at 11:12AM

Camilla's Avatar I think you may like Proust Fennie, have a delve into his biography and his writings.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Feb 2019 at 11:34AM

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