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Afternoon All,

Was very cold in the night, so tossy turny, today we have bright sunshine but bitterly cold.

Saw the doc yesterday told him about panics BP and pulse fine, gave me a google read out on Abdominal Breathing Exercise to try out. Will book in for Full Health Check in Feb nurse is on hols in Oz land at the moment.Very Happy

Our immediate neighbours moved yesterday to Yorkshire very quiet here today, no neighbours the other side too as he rents it and only there 2 days a week.

Pop back later this evening, just getting lunch then another walk with Patch over the dunes later.

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon.Very Happy

Posted at 15th Jan 2019 - 01:58PM   Posted by Camilla   Afternoon Post Comments: 6

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Posted by: Camilla on 15th Jan 2019 at 02:00PM

Fennie's Avatar Sun is shining here and it isn't cold. French class this morning been doing labels legacy work since. Took my bag of pennies yesterday to the cancer research shop. The lady there seemed thrilled as though I had brought in a pirate's treasure.
Probably about two years worth of discards, coppers and low silvers.` Why do charity shops always smell musty? Though these days charity shops are quite grand emporiums full of beautiful things, nothing so undignified as 'old clothes.'

Posted by: Fennie on 15th Jan 2019 at 02:25PM

Camilla's Avatar Evening Fennie and ALL,

Allez vous francaise Fennie? What is labels legacy? thought you had given these up Fennie.

I used to visit some charity shops in Holt one of them named Lillies of the Field had wonderful clothes in and you did not have to pay a fortune for anything. I always looked for a designer label if there was one on clothing. I am going to wear a black calf length sort of crombie wool coat with silk lining and a small purple faux fur collar attached to it for Pops funeral in Feb. I bought it for about £5 in the late 90's from the charity shop I mention have had it cleaned several times and it still looks like new. My daughter could not believe how much the coat was when I told her last week, bargain I said.

Very Happy

I took a large jar of bronze coins and 5 pence pieces to Ray the stall man where he sells odd things for the church funds, he was well delighted as though I had brought him a golden crown.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 15th Jan 2019 at 04:59PM

Camilla's Avatar Have a good evening everyone, off to cook Spaghetti Bolognaise shall serve with garlic bread. Finish the rest of the cheese cake for pud, a glass of vino later too.

Not looking forward to taking Patch to the vet tomorrow got to be there by 9.10am so up with the larks only that I don't seem to be a lark lately,Very Happy bloods to be taken from his neck to find what is causing the allergy, wish me luck , thank you for all your kind messages. Shall update on the animal forum tomorrow evening.

Posted by: Camilla on 15th Jan 2019 at 05:17PM

Fennie's Avatar Good luck tomorrow, Camilla. We had garlic bread too tonight - with chicken and cauliflower soup. Labels legacy business is for example chasing payments, answering queries about new label orders that have come to Mark, then sorting out the stockroom etc etc. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 15th Jan 2019 at 08:04PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Love the pic Camilla, can't help thinking that would be you if you got your way.Laughing
Fingers crossed for Patch this morning.

I was very glad the PO changed their operating system soon after they closed our PO and moved it into the Spar next door - it meant there was little we could do to help them when they got stuck, they just had to phone their helpline.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 16th Jan 2019 at 10:08AM

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