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There isn't a single cloud in the sky today, though it isn't very hot. 23.5 degrees according to my outside thermometer, which is the temperature at which silkworms should be kept, apparently, for opposite this temperature it is marked 'Vers à Soie,' the thermometer being French (or at least a copy of something French) and Vers à Soie meaning silkworms. There's a cool breeze, too, which probably would also have suited the silkworms, though the only worm like creature I have seen today was a very small caterpillar, striped orange and black, of the cinnabar moth, which is a lovely scarlet and black creation, whose caterpillar lives on ragwort.

You'd think with all this hot air there would be an abundance of buzzards in the sky - but I have seen few this year. I thought I saw one just now but it is only a seagull. What seagulls do in Cowbridge I know not. They cruise about the sky, land on people's roofs, make more mess than any other bird but apart from that they do nothing and certainly don't eat or drink.

After my long hot drive last weekend (gosh we are already Friday) I am thinking again about buying another and bigger car. I am not sure that it is sensible however. It would almost certainly be older than my current one and have done more miles (if I were to buy a C5) and cost more to run. On the other hand it would be more comfortable. Difficult when only one of us drives. I wonder whether the white smoke is coming out of Chequers yet? Have a good evening all.Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 6th Jul 2018 - 06:13PM   Posted by Fennie   To C5 or not to C5 Comments: 6

Fennie's Avatar I meant to say that there is still a surprising amount of water in the river here. I had expected it to be drying up - but even the little stream that runs through Llanblethian was respectable. Our aquifers are deeper than those in Hereford,
But now having watched plucky Belgian beat Brazil I must go water the garden and then the dishwasher awaits. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 6th Jul 2018 at 09:15PM

Camilla's Avatar Apologies for not being around today Fennie, feel as though I have a cold only its not a cold I don't think but the horrid hayfever which is and has been high for days now . Runny nose itchy eyes a horrid cough and sore throat also fatigue. Take antistimines and nasal sprays but still it persists due to the hot weather and high pollen.

Exciting getting different car Fennie perhaps one that can do a lot of mileage on a gallon of fuel and smaller engine thus making it more economical . My Jag is a 2.2 sports and does 50 miles to the gallon but is a Diesal .

Lots of collared doves about here today and a few pigeons although we do get seagulls fly over here and the ocean one which are much bigger .

Are the caterpillars poisonous to touch although one wouldn't touch them .

Sure there will be plenty of smoke coming from Chequers! Yes saw some of the match and heard that Belgium beat Brazil. Fingers crossed for our lads tomorrow against Sweden kick off starts at 2pm. We have not won the World Cup for 30 years.

Big family birthday celebration for our son in law tomorrow there was 30 coming unfortunately some can't make but still lots coming we are to have a large BBQ in daughters garden. Patch will be boarding with Elaine from 3pm as there will be a baby present at the party and Patch not good with children under 10 years .

Hope you had an enjoyable evening I am off to bed now could sleep for England!

Night night all.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 6th Jul 2018 at 11:15PM

Fennie's Avatar Oh dear the dreaded hay fever. So glad that I am not a sufferer. Just wish I could sleep well at the moment. And even when I sleep well I still feel achingly tired in the day. I begin to think I am in the grip of some major ailment.

You were probably very young, Camilla, in 1966 which is when we last won the world cup, and so don't remember. Thirty years ago would be 1988 - not even a world cup year.

Enjoy the birthday celebrations and I do hope you get some hay fever relief. I understand that ginger, peppermint and green tea can all help if you are after a natural solution.

Your Jag is most economical if it does 50 to the gallon. That is what my little Skoda does but a Jag is bigger and heavier. If I bought a C5 it would cost, I reckon, a good £500 more a year to run in fuel, insurance, road tax, repairs etc. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 7th Jul 2018 at 08:35AM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you Fennie, I will survive no doubt just very irritating the old hayfever.Very Happy

Ah yes 1966 last FIFA World Cup we tossed the coin and we had the first kick into the game we got extra time and scored 4-2 winning against Germany, just before we managed to secure the last goal Hurst said.... they think it's all over it is now. Think it's going to be a tough match later today against Sweden we have some good players with the like of Harry Kane etc but the Swedes are noted for their good players too, come on England!Very Happy heck I am becoming a football fanatic!

I would have been 18 in 1966 did not watch the game but know at the time how proud we were to have won the cup.

Best of luck with your next chosen car Fennie.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 7th Jul 2018 at 10:27AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar I was only 2 years old the last time the word cup "Came Home" Laughing
I'm not a football fan by any means.

The last time Scotland were anywhere vaguely near it I was at the Highland Youth Theatre Summer School in Golspie and we were all staying at one of the TWO school hostels that are there.
The night of Scotland's pivotal match we had a private showing of "Tommy" instead in the refectory.
At 2am we were rudely awoken by the police hammering on the front door of the hostel. They had been alerted to a "Riot" going on at "The Hostel" by the locals and immediately came to the one the thespians were staying at.
Mrs Mackay our lovely housekeeper opened the door in her nighty then sent them packing with a large flea in their ear and the instructions to...
"Go and sort out those wee sh*tes at the Scripture Union Camp Shocked instead and leave my actors alone - they've all been in bed since 11pm!" Laughing

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 7th Jul 2018 at 10:48AM

KitKatCot's Avatar If I were you I'd stick with a Skoda. If you're looking for a larger car look at the Octavia or the Superb. They have VW/Audi engineering and have the same chassis.

Posted by: KitKatCot on 7th Jul 2018 at 05:03PM

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