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To IKEA yesterday with the Enchantlings to buy a Christmas tree and a picture frame. Also to visit Santa's Grotto at the North Pole, complete with Elves with painted faces and long pointed slippers with bells on - (which is what I REALLY would like for Christmas but no one would take me seriously if I jingled-belled around the house. OK they don't take me seriously anyway but they would take me even less seriously). It is no fun being an adult and one has to console oneself with alcohol and boxed sets of Inspector Montelbano). Theo of course, being 8, was far too grown up for Santa or Elves and declined my offer to meet the fabled bearded gentleman who advertises Coca-Cola. But Beanie was excited and after a short wait we were inside Santa's lair.

He was a pleasant old Santa, though to tell the truth you couldn't see much of him behind his beard hat and cloak. Question: what do Santas do the rest of the year? Anyway, he must have been awfully hot. You'd think there'd be an Elf on Safety duty specifying the maximum temperature in Santa's grottoes around the world. But Santa talked the while and Beanie just rolled her eyes in admiration and wonder. His interrogation as to whether she'd been good left I think something to be desired as did her answers. Maybe when she's older she will respond to the obvious question of 'have you been good this year?' with 'What planet are you on Santa? I have let loose the reindeer, unwaxed the sleigh and put frogs in the elves' bread and milk to make them run away. I rather thought I might have all the presents to myself this year.' But Beanie just said 'yes' nodding vigorously all the while while I smiled blandly, ever the proud grandfather.

So the Elf handed her a present, and we had our photo taken. The present turned out to be a chameleon but it seemed reluctant to change colour. Perhaps it had enough of red. And then we had another picture taken.Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 4th Dec 2017 - 04:57PM   Posted by Fennie   Grotty Lark Comments: 8

Camilla's Avatar LaughingLaughingYou do make me laugh Fennie

I'm like you though, a child at heart. We were in the vets this afternoon and we sat in the waiting room for about ten minutes as we were early and waited for our name to be called out. While my HL held Patch on his lead I decided to go over to the soft toys pet counter stand and try out some of them, there was all sorts. Ducks, Geese, Bears, all brightly coloured but no what I wanted to do was press their tummy's to hear their sqeaks, as I did so my HL said.. No stop that this minute.! you can't do that. Why not I said and there was no other people waiting with their pets anyway.

Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 4th Dec 2017 at 05:14PM

Fennie's Avatar He's quite controlling your HL, isn't he?Sad

Posted by: Fennie on 4th Dec 2017 at 05:36PM

Faith's Avatar Well I hope you carried on squeaking Camilla despite what your HL said.

I'd like that purple/pink stripey elephant with the annoying squeak from the Anchor Spreadable adLaughing

Posted by: Faith on 4th Dec 2017 at 07:19PM

Camilla's Avatar Oh yes he is Fennie.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 5th Dec 2017 at 08:42AM

Camilla's Avatar I did Faith, which made him even more annoyed.Very Happy

HahaLaughing yes seen that advert, love it.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 5th Dec 2017 at 08:43AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar There's a squeaky pig in Asda's dog toy range that we squeeze every time we go there... it makes the most fabulous OINK! Laughing

I love the elephant in the advert, they would sell like hotcakes if they were real.

I don't see any reason why you shouldn't have slippers with bells on and long curly toes if you want them Fennie... to blazes with what anyone else thinks. Very Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 5th Dec 2017 at 11:48AM

Fennie's Avatar FN - you restore my faith in humanity! Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 5th Dec 2017 at 01:49PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar I shall just have to crochet you a pair Fennie or perhaps felt some. Very Happy

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 5th Dec 2017 at 05:52PM

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