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A quick post this morning as we have the Remembrance Parade later when we remember the fallen (but collectively learn no lessons from their sacrifice - the world not having become noticeably less dangerous) but this is not the time for politics so let us talk instead about Bamboo Steamers one of which has made its way home with us from Monmouth whither yesterday afternoon we drove for J to buy said steamer from her favourite kitchenware shop. It's a lovely independent store - Monmouth has many independents but even here they are struggling - called 'Salt and Pepper' and boasts a rabbit warren of little roomlets full of tightly stocked articles for the kitchen, many of which I don't even know the purpose of. They might be medieval implements of torture and bought by Jihadis, you never know.

Upstairs is an old fashioned café serving tea and toasted tea cakes and upstairs again (you are in the attic by now) is a single grandiose - pre-war I should imagine - loo. One size fits all, a grand affair with bolts on the door and enough room to turn around in a crinoline - so if you ever have occasion to wear one and are caught short that it the place to go - not so much a cubicle, still less a stall but a whole room to yourself.

I looked for, but the charming owner could not find so I will ask the collective wisdom of the Coo, where one might buy large table mats suitable for serving dishes. You would think that the makers of table mats would sell packs of two large serving mats, eight or ten place mats and maybe a few coasters, although coasters in place mat style irritate me. I don't mind silver coasters for a whisky glass but the diddly little place-mat complimenting ones I am happy to relegate to the darkest depths of the store cupboard and put up with rings on the furniture or stains on the tablecloth as necessary. People anyway fail to place wine glasses squarely on coasters so they end up toppling off and flooding the table with a full glass of wine or water or whatever. You are better off without them in my opinion. But the large serving size place mats are nowhere to be found, we inherited a couple but they have long since passed their sell by date and now just look tatty. Perhaps one of you might be able to help me get some more.

So after paying due homage to Hank the Cinq who was born in Monmouth a little over 600 years ago, we came home in the pouring rain, windscreen wipers swishing and lorry spray drenched and glad of a cup of tea. But at least we have our steamer in which I suppose we can steam our bamboos.Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 12th Nov 2017 - 08:51AM   Posted by Fennie   Lark Post Comments: 5

Fennie's Avatar Back now from the Service. Church absolutely full - good spirit. Town coming together. Most people you know by sight if not to talk to. There's always a Welsh hymn and Mae hen lad fy nhadau at the end. Lot of waiting about beforehand though in the cold and rain. Now it is quite sunny. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 12th Nov 2017 at 01:02PM

Camilla's Avatar Watched the Remembrance Service this morning at Whitehall Cenotaph on TV Fennie.

Bleak dark grey day here and lots of heavy rain, so much so that the entire village was without electricity power from 1.30pm until 3.10pm no doubt the heavy winds did not help either. First thing I did when power was back on was make a cuppa.Very Happy

I always use large place mats for eating our meals on they were bought for me by my daughter as a new home present but they are quite coastal in blue being that we live by the sea now.Very Happy

Never heard of a bamboo steamer why bamboo?
Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 12th Nov 2017 at 03:53PM

Withy Brook's Avatar No ideas, Fennie. Perhaps Camilla could tell us the dimensions of hers and if they are as large as you need, Shaw could ask her daughter where they came from?

Posted by: Withy Brook on 13th Nov 2017 at 09:15AM

Camilla's Avatar Don't think the ones I have will be large enough for Fennie, Withy they are just used for placing dinner plates on . I could actually do with larger ones for serving dishes too.

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Nov 2017 at 03:01PM

Fennie's Avatar Serving place mat size is 11.25 inches x 15.5 inches

Posted by: Fennie on 13th Nov 2017 at 06:30PM

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