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Shocking Scam - lady I know

I met a lady for coffee today. I don't know her very well - have had maybe four chats with her since the beginning of the year.

She told me this - it happened to her in the summer - I could hardly believe that such a presentable and articulate lady who does all manner of interesting things could get taken in like this. She is 81

She had a call on her landline from a man who said he was from Scotland Yard. He told her bank card had been used in Birmingham for two transactions of £600 which they believed were fraudalent..... blah blah..... it went on like this. He asked for a mobile number and the call went on using that number. She said she felt ill and was shaking. He said to sit down, calm down, have a drink of water. He asked where she banked..... blah blah on it went...... She told him how much she had in her account (£6,000). He asked if she would like to help the police - that particular branch, he said, were having trouble with staff, money missing etc - blah blah..... (too long to tell you it all). He asked if she could go to the bank now ....... no she couldnt, husband was out, no car......he arranged for a taxi.......she actually went to her local bank, withdrew £5,000 in cash (while the scammer stayed on the phone), came home - and he said a courier would pick it up - blah blah - and yes she actually handed over all that money in cash to a stranger who came to her door. UNBELIEVABLE but true!

I felt physically sick while she told me about it. Apparently the cashier at the bank did ask her 'Are you being pressured to withdraw this money?' and she said 'no' - but I do feel the bank is still somewhat at fault. I realise we all want to be able to withdraw our own money without a lot of hassle, but surely if they had just asked a few more questions - which should be standard - like for example 'Are you withdrawing this money because of a phone call you have recently received from someone you don't know?' then she might have realised what was happening. She honestly did not know she had been scammed until her husband came home. The police came of course, but the case has now been closed - nothing they can do.

Crying or Very sadCrying or Very sad

Posted at 12th Oct 2017 - 05:37PM   Posted by Faith   Shocking Scam - lady I know Comments: 10

Fennie's Avatar Beggars belief, Faith. Both as to how she could be taken in and how folk can stoop so low as to rob an old lady. I hope she alerted the bank as well as the police. Evil or Very Mad

Posted by: Fennie on 12th Oct 2017 at 06:35PM

Inthemud's Avatar I have heard of this scam before, unbelievable that the bank allow the money to be withdrawn. Poor woman

Posted by: Inthemud on 12th Oct 2017 at 07:03PM

Withy Brook's Avatar The behaviour of the bank was appalling. Also I cannot understand how anyone can be so naive with all the publicity this sort of thing gets.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 12th Oct 2017 at 09:07PM

Ivy's Avatar I don‘t think the bank has done anything wrong if they didn‘t know that particular scammer. It is much more the police who should warn , specially elderly people, abot such scammers. Here it is the grand child trick that is „popular“ with scammers. Phoning elderly people sayig „guess who this is“ and then when granny has guessed it is one of her grandchildren, telling her they need money urgently because they had an accident, were wrongly arrested or so. Sending „a friend“ to pick up the money.

Posted by: Ivy on 13th Oct 2017 at 04:54AM

Faith's Avatar I havent heard of the granny scam, but I would recognise my grandchildren by what they said, their voice, etc and if I wasn't sure then there are lots of private questions that only they would know the answer to.

Anyway I think the bank should've enquired further. To a certain extent they acted well towards her - asked her how she was getting home, ordered a taxi for her and escorted her into it - thus playing into the scammer's hands to ensure he got the money safe!

Posted by: Faith on 13th Oct 2017 at 08:24AM

Camilla's Avatar Oh poor woman Faith, how she could eaily be drawn in too by that scammer, sooo much money to lose too.

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Oct 2017 at 08:24AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Very sad - there has been a lot on TV about this type of scam - but only useful if you happen to watch the programmes that feature things like this. Tome it is pretty obvious you don't hand over a big lump sum to a stranger though. Then again I get scammed regularly through the holiday cottage so maybe I am better at spotting them!!!

Posted by: Westerwitch on 13th Oct 2017 at 08:44AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar If they have a brass enough neck they can be very convincing.
Our local hospice has recently fallen victim to a similar scam and lost half a million!

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 13th Oct 2017 at 10:17AM

KitKatCot's Avatar I had a phone call offering my husband the investment he couldn't refuse, very posh male voice, when I said 'not interested' just before I put the phone down on him, he said 'exactly what are you 'not interested' in?

'What do you know about investments, you ignorant b**ch.' I thought about telling him that I was certain that I was better versed in investments than he was, when he started screaming and swearing at me, I thought he may have a heart attack!

I put the phone down.

Posted by: KitKatCot on 13th Oct 2017 at 03:11PM

Faith's Avatar Bill said he would love to play the scammer along - pretend to go to the bank - get the money - and then hand over a brown envelope full of monoply money.

I still can't believe that anyone would fall for such a thing - whatever age. I'm sure my mother wouldn't have done it.

Posted by: Faith on 13th Oct 2017 at 03:49PM

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