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A glorious morning of high summer, the scents of butterflies gently wafting through the arching foliage and hares running in the fields trailing leverets behind them like a kite. So many shades of colour, the bright and dark greens of the leaves of the fig and chestnut, the olive green of the walnut and the grey green of the little olive tree I have on the front lawn. The grasses too in every shade of faded green to dusty brown.

The jackdaws fly in, mob-handed for the breakfast, followed by the collared doves and the fat wood pigeons. Meanwhile the sparrows, hiding in the Bay Tree have a quick knee trembler before starting the day. They may think they are unseen but the tree is shaking in a way that can only mean one thing. Still I am glad that something still has the energy even though it will mean yet more youngsters and a greater food bill.

Yesterday I picked up my repaired car and a mouth-wateringly high bill. Truly it is cheaper these days to buy a new car than to have the old one repaired. On the television the adverts say you can have a new car for £99 down and £20 a week. Amazing! But still I have the old one back now and it has the touch of familiarity about it, though what I really want is an Alfa Romeo with incomprehensible instructions in Italian. They aren't practical cars but don't they have class and verve? Vroom! Vroom! Even Resident Owl in her bright red sporty Jaguar wouldn't stand a chance.

Talking of which I do hope that all is well over there on the East coast where the Haddock come calling and the seals prowl the beaches looking for Alsatians. And why 'Winterton' and not Summerton?' Not a place you go in Winter, surely? Even though you might live in the fens.

Take care everyone and may your day be handy and useful. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 13th Jul 2017 - 08:18AM   Posted by Fennie   Lark Post Comments: 2

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Morning Fennie, glad to hear you got the car back, not so glad about the bill.
Alphas are indeed lovey cars and most car enthusiasts will tell you you are not one until you have owned an Alpha Romeo. HO and his Dad used to race theirs.

I looked up Winterton out of curiosity, it's origins are in Tun = Old English for a Farmstead not short for town so it would be the place you bring the beasts and yourself to over winter. Being by the sea it would be frost free and warmer I should think rather more so than the depths of the fens in winter.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 13th Jul 2017 at 09:57AM

Camilla's Avatar Morning Fennie and FN and Everyone,

Ah, my lovely Hare.... Great pic, thank you kindly once again for posting for the larks Fennie. As one would think there was enough on my plate lately I bumped my head yesterday evening on the open kitchen cupboard, saw stars and almost knocked me out. Very red bruised head this morning with a slight bump. Late last night I felt incredibly sick and indeed was sick.

Bright sunny warm day here lots of butterfly's about mainly the little white ones which name I have forgotten, lots of Bee's too all gathering on the purple Hebe bush which obviously attracts them. Miss Collared Dove who I presume is the same adult who had her previous two baby's that fledged, is back again sitting on her old nest, gosh they don't hang about do they these Doves.
Very Happy

Good to hear you have your faithful car back Fennie, ah to be the owner of an Alpha Romeo one can but dream, tell you what I'll race you then Fennie in the Jag!

We don't have a Summerton but we do have a Somerton which is only about 1 mile away from here.

Yes exactly so FN re Winterton I believe.

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Jul 2017 at 10:42AM

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