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Just another day in June. Summer well underway now; and into the routine of watering the garden pots which never seem to get enough water from the rain. Yesterday a gusty wind swirled around the house tossing the trees and making sitting outside impossible. It seems to come from all directions at once and is always in your face. The perfect storm it might otherwise be called. And in the face of this wind I am becalmed. Nothing urgent to do - nothing to compel me to strive, just the endless volume of house cleaning and gardening and sorting out, and the play I have to write for next summer which I cannot begin: hard but not terribly rewarding work. One business call in the entire day: might I supply an email so that a customer might send a remittance advice? I was planting lavender, my fingers covered in soil. Go away you silly person. I do not need your remittance advice.

I cooked supper last night spicy prawns and then a chicken fricassee with garlic, mushrooms and creme fraiche. There was too much. And I find it hard to cook without a glass of wine and with the wine goes the cook's nibbles so that with another glass of wine and a settling-the-stomach yoghurt I felt like a barrage balloon, blown up with wind and insensate for anything except some light reading.

But otherwise I am fine, the bug has almost gone. So I can divert the healing balm to those who need it more. Ribs, shoulders, arms, hayfever, whatever you may have Fennie has the cure. A rub here, an ointment there and if you stand in the line of my special healing thoughts you will be well soon enough.

There's a patch of pale blue in the grey sky which seems to be spreading. The good weather cavalry cresting over the welkin, It will soon reach you too. It's going to be a lovely day.Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 13th Jun 2017 - 08:30AM   Posted by Fennie   Lark Fricassee Comments: 12

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Now here is something that you probably wouldn't see in Britain - an ancient Scots pine that fell across or was blown across the road from someones high garden to the graveyard of the church across the way. It is unsupported though the trunk must weigh several tons. One day it will fall on a car or a person but because it looks pretty it is tolerated and monitored with a panolpy of science. You don't have to walk underneath it. No one is forcing you. This is Clisson again. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 13th Jun 2017 at 08:38AM

Fennie's Avatar I think actually the tree is growing in the churchyard and trying to escape it.Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 13th Jun 2017 at 08:39AM

Withy Brook's Avatar Shocked Laughing

Posted by: Withy Brook on 13th Jun 2017 at 09:06AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Don't fricassee Larks Fennie the RSPB would not be impressed!

Business seems to often be like that, a feast or a famine, we can go for days selling just a few postcards then several people come in and buy jewellery, gifts and paintings all on the same day.

Fascinating tree Fennie, it looks healthy enough even if it does sit at a strange angle, but then caledonian pines often grow in the wild at weird angles half way up a cliff too.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 13th Jun 2017 at 10:36AM

Fennie's Avatar No, I don't suppose they would as the lark is indigestible I am told, though Roman emperors and Cleopatra too used to enjoy a dish of larks' tongues, I am told. Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 13th Jun 2017 at 12:00PM

Camilla's Avatar Afternoon Fennie and everyone,

Thanks for posting form the larks Fennie, I was in considerable pain last night and yet this morning my old back near shoulder blade feels as though someone has struck it with a big hammer. Can I hold out until 28th June probably not.

Then this morning at 9am went to pop kettle on and HL said to me that all power to our electricity had gone off in the night! Rang the lovely Richard on his mobile number who originally put all our lamps to ceiling up earlier in the year and our over the garage spotlight. Richard was with us within half an hour luckily but he said the main fuse switch had gone and could not be mended not only that he was having difficulty trying to manoeuvre all his tools to get to the fuse box in downstairs hall as some wise or not so wise person before we lived here had glued in the panel to little cupboard doors so there was nothing left to do except to get a little saw and saw one some of the cupboard doors off! Nightmare! He said it would have been better if the previous owners had at least made the panel so that it could be just lifted off. Anyway Richard has placed one of the panels back but there is a saw line just in front you can see so will have to glue that back on when I can . Talk about testing times, boiler went wrong three times in the past now the electrics, bad health HL and moi, other part of the family too. What else can go wrong !

Thank you Fennie for the healing balms so kind, pleased to are feeling better too.

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Jun 2017 at 01:10PM

Camilla's Avatar Beautiful pine tree Fennie, not sure I would like to walk under it though, such a pretty street in Clisson.

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Jun 2017 at 01:11PM

Camilla's Avatar This morning I went outside to fill up the bird bath and looked up to next doors house to make sure the little collared dove was alright and still sitting in her nest. Taking in account that I was feeling rather all overcome with emotions of bad back my HL health and the electricity not working, I looked up to the nest and saw... The dove just laying there not seeming to be moving at all and sitting with his back to me could not see her head at all. Oh no I thought the poor thing has died sitting on the nest because it's partner has not been back to take over or indeed to bring it something to eat.... I burst into tears ! Then the electricity after 3 hours fixing was put back on again hooray ! I went outside to have a look at the dove again and so happy to see the dove was sitting up on her nest and looking at me, phew what a morning !Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Jun 2017 at 01:21PM

Camilla's Avatar Now £140 lighter in the old piggy bank but at least the electricity is working. I was worried about all the food in freezer gone off and the fridge do you think 10 hours it would be alright ? It went off about 2am and out back on 12.30 today.

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Jun 2017 at 01:25PM

Camilla's Avatar Now Patchbis not well, left message on Bee post as thought I was typing it on this post.

Posted by: Camilla on 13th Jun 2017 at 05:31PM

Fennie's Avatar Oh Camilla! What a watering can of troubles and you without so much as a macintosh! You are certainly having more than your fair share. Silly people who previously owned your cottage but I am surprised that the difficulty wasn't spotted when you or a surveyor looked the place over.

Food in the freezer. If it were me I should leave it but try to eat all the food sooner rather than later. It ought to be fine but warming and re-freezing doesn't do a lot for how the food tastes. But it should have been fine.

Have you looked at the Rotator Cuff exercises on Google? If you did those you might find you were cured before 28 June.

Anyway your faithful Coo friends are all here to help. Glad the doves are happy enough nesting away. Do you put food down for them? Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 13th Jun 2017 at 05:46PM

Bradan's Avatar Glad to hear your bug has almost gone Fennie and thanks for the healing thoughts, needed them today as my rib has got worse, but this is just how is was last time I did it, goes worse over a few days and then starts to get better. Also saw you mentioned sitting up with pillows, so tried it and was helpful. Very Happy

The tree looks amazing. Summer has not arrived here, we had a bit of sun but mostly cloudy with a cold wind and it's been raining heavily for the last couple of hours.

Posted by: Bradan on 13th Jun 2017 at 08:52PM

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