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I found this postcard of our village online the other day, the white building on the left is the hotel which looks just the same today and in fact hasn't changed since it was built in the 1700 as a coaching inn.
The brown building next to it is the stable block made up of two small cottages one on each end with the stable in the middle.

The right hand cottage burned down in the 1920's and that is where our Studio is now. The boat in the foreground is Nellie the steam ferry that ran between the Black Isle and Inverness at the time along with her sister ship Maud.

Not much has actually changed along the seafront, the gaps have filled in but someone being transported in time from the 1800's would recognise it immediately, out of the picture to the left however the village has consistently double in size every decade filling in the gap between Kessock and nearby Charleston which were separate villages until the 1960's.

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North Kessock today.
The eagle eyed among you will notice the wall has changed sides on the south ferry pier, the diesel boat that took over from Nellie and Maud in the 1950's had it's car ramp on the other side.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 10th Jun 2017 at 04:50PM

Fennie's Avatar Well, the weather seems better today. But it is most interesting seeing the before and after pictures. It's fun looking at buildings and wondering how far you would need to go back before they became unrecognisable. A good part of Cowbridge in the 18th century would still be recognisable today. Indeed more so than about 100 years ago when the town was festooned by unsightly telephone wires. It was also the only road through the South of Wales east to west.

I must have picked up a bug on the plane. I have been sitting in front of the TV watching 'Now Voyager' with a glass of whisky, the rain having put an end to gardening operations. Still wall to wall politics on the news programmes. Sad

Posted by: Fennie on 10th Jun 2017 at 04:58PM

Camilla's Avatar I love hearing about history of places and time of years ago, are you still postmistress FN at the post office ? Is the studio very near to the post office too?

Posted by: Camilla on 11th Jun 2017 at 12:00AM

Camilla's Avatar Sorry to hear you may have a dreaded bug Fennie, hope it does not last long and you feel much better soon. The old whisky good for medicinal I say too.

No rain here just very hot but wish the pollen would go down it says on my weather App for local it is Very High even tonight, no good for the old allergy.

Posted by: Camilla on 11th Jun 2017 at 12:05AM

Bradan's Avatar Love the old photo, FN. It certainly looks busier today but still beautiful, you're in a fab spot!

Posted by: Bradan on 11th Jun 2017 at 08:51AM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar No Camilla we gladly gave up the PO in the last round of closures, all the changes in regulations meant it was no longer a pleasure to run and lost money hand over fist. It's now in the grocers shop next door as more of a franchise set up.
Closing it also meant we kept the building in which we ran the PO which allowed me to take the plunge back into art and crafts full time and re open it as our Studio.
This is us today courtesy of street view...

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From the left - the Hotel, Maggies cottage, the stable (now Maggies granny flat) and th Studio on the end with the green door.

The gap left by the other mirror image cottage burning down sat unused for many years until the old postmistress was due to retire in the late 1970's and since the post office was in her living room it was likely to close as there were no other commercial premises in the village. The chap who then owned the hotel and the cottage/stable built our building (essentially a double garage for his future use) and offered it for rent as the new post office.
Years later he had already sold the hotel but went bankrupt so we and Maggie were forced to buy our properties or get thrown out.

The Post office originally opened in the late 1860's in the cottage that burned down then moved to the big building directly opposite the pier in the old photo, then to one of the little white cottages opposite the ferry boat where it remained for two generations until it moved to our new building when Nellie retired.

Today's history lesson is now over. Laughing

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 11th Jun 2017 at 11:13AM

Camilla's Avatar Glad at least FN that your village still has a post office now in the next doors grocers shop, I always think a post office is the hub of the community can't imagine not having one, in fact wherever I have lived from central London to then Mill Hill in London and then Norfolk we have always had a post office very near by without having to drive a great distance.

Well done with being able to set up your business FN into your much desired studio for art and crafts. It looks from the outside very swish and I know if I was passing by I would just have to come in and buy something, do you have any teddys for sale I wonder too.?

Posted by: Camilla on 11th Jun 2017 at 04:05PM

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