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DOVE BITE - So happy!

Up to recently there have been very few white doves in the flock - only about 5 or 6 incuding Lucky and Lottie, who have shown some interest in the cote. Last year they only had the one nest, but one of their offspring Appoline is still seen too.

But in the last few days some more pure white doves have been seen, and yesterday to my great joy my beautiful white dove Autumn showed up having been gone for months. I last noted having seen her in October. So where has she been, what has she been eating for the last 6 or 7 months? I have no idea but she looks so well!

I know that every time she comes back I express my amazement here on the Coo, but truly its so incredible to see her especially when I think she must be dead. She was hatched in the cote in the summer of 2012 to Sky and Summer so this year will be 5 years old, and has done so well (especially as Sky was the most careless daddy)

Here's a link to my blog showing her as a baby with her nest sibling

Autumn as a baby

and as she is now

Uploaded Image

Posted at 12th May 2017 - 09:26PM   Posted by Faith   DOVE BITE - So happy! Comments: 3

Camilla's Avatar What a lovely picture of Autumn, how beautiful she looks, great news that she has come back after being away so long Faith. Will check on the blog later thanks Faith.

Excellent news that more Doves are visiting recently, I can understand how excited you must be Faith.

Posted by: Camilla on 12th May 2017 at 10:36PM

Fennie's Avatar Well there's always my peace mission theory to account for it.

Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 12th May 2017 at 10:54PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar So Autumn has returned now that Summer's on its way. Wink
Places to go people to see I guess, perhaps like a lot of cats she has three other gardens/aviaries/cotes she visits.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 13th May 2017 at 10:34AM

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