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IKEA on a bank holiday is always busy. Younger daughter rang about something or other and I said we were going to buy a bookcase; meet you there for lunch. And so we did. Where else can you buy a multiple course lunch for six people for £21? I had an excellent breast of roast chicken in a colorful sauce with Parmentier potatoes and a rice salad with garlic bread, coffee and a jelly (uneaten by the little ones) to follow.

Beanie was wearing her Rapunzel dress. Imagine a crinoline from which the hoops had slipped so they were now in a hula hoop around the hem of the long skirt and you have the image. Beneath that she wore blue suede boots, a Christmas present from Uncle Duncan who works for Clarks. The outfit was completed by a backpack as though Rapunzel were off to the jungle, which I suppose IKEA is on a Bank Holiday.

In the back back were eight unicorns, I kid you not. Not real unicorns, of course, (whatever were you thinking?) but pretend unicorns made by those people who make 'My Little Pony' (not real ponies either - how disappointing a child's world is these days!) with impossibly long manes, all combed and plaited in the most garish coloured nylon imaginable. Still the unicorns' eyes glistened with sparkle and impossibly long eyelashes.

Beanie has impossibly long eyelashes too. Maybe she was made in the same factory. Anyway all eight unicorns came out to watch her eat her dinner only bothering her occasionally when a plait became undone.

Little Theo, now 8 has become all serious and doesn't have anything to do with unicorns. He is in the first set for maths (they have sets at the age of eight?) though he doesn't like maths. Instead he draws robots and dreams robots and is determined to grow up a master of artificial intelligence. Meanwhile I just wanted a bookcase and to escape without buying more fancy dress clothes (his mother bought Theo a robot suit) or soft toys (her mother bought Beanie a cat to compensate - not a real one) I just bought the bookcase and a dozen glasses for £4.20 to replace the ones the dishwasher (still working by the way - yippee!) had made cloudy.

And then we came home. As J was even more tired than me I volunteered to cook supper - Sea Bass (Fish on Good Friday, brownie point please!) with potatoes sautéed in butter and some asparagus found homeless in the fridge bottom but fortunately only just a week beyond its BB date. As you can see I am still alive.

Have a good day everyone.

Very HappyVery Happy

Posted at 15th Apr 2017 - 09:19AM   Posted by Fennie   Unicorned Lark Comments: 4

Fairy Nuff's Avatar More brownie points than me Fennie... we had a butter chicken from Sayeed's lovely takeaway. Laughing

Never been a great fan of "My little pony" they are a bit saccharine for my tastes as are the Care Bears despite my love of everything Ursine. I like my bears to be more realistic generally.

I have a lovely poem written especially for me but the (sadly now late) great John Mackie, who worked in the 60's and 70's with many great names in music as a lyricist.
I simply gave him the subject of bears and let him decide what to do with it, I shall look it out and post it, it's rather fitting for Easter weekend.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 15th Apr 2017 at 10:58AM

Camilla's Avatar No doubt my son would be at IKEA too Fenne he said they do a great reasonable lunch there for kiddies too and they get to go to toy dept.

Ah the Repunzle ... The little girls sang it over and over when they were here recently and the twirling of dresses, just so mind boggling how many character dressing up dresses they brought with them each of them beautifully made and net underskirts too. Has Beanie watched the Frozen character film Fennie?

Have you used extra salt in the dishwasher re cloudy glasses?

I have never eaten sea bass although I love fish as a rule.

Thanks for posting Fennie.

Posted by: Camilla on 16th Apr 2017 at 01:21AM

Camilla's Avatar A lovely poem it is too FN, thanks for sharing with us.

Posted by: Camilla on 16th Apr 2017 at 01:22AM

Fennie's Avatar Oh Yes, Beanie has watched Frozen, which is a good film I might add. I thoroughly enjoyed it though sometimes I think at heart I am still about six years old.

Re the dishwasher we use all in one tablets, Camilla, but thanks for the tipVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 17th Apr 2017 at 10:33AM

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