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I Can't Sleep Chat Post

Hello Owls and Larks,

Do hope you all had a lovely weekend.

A rather cheeky pic tonight, you have to be a tad daring for once even moi. answers on a postcard please. Very Happy

Very starry night tonight, pot of tea and some choc here I come.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams
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Posted at 20th Mar 2017 - 12:00AM   Posted by Camilla   I Can't Sleep Chat Post Comments: 11

Camilla's Avatar Have you been watching The Painting Challenge? final one was yesterday evening.

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Mar 2017 at 12:12AM

Camilla's Avatar Bed is calling me..... Nighty night dear owls and larks.

Sweetest of Dreams.

Have a good day.


Posted by: Camilla on 20th Mar 2017 at 01:15AM

Camilla's Avatar No skinny dipping this morning it is a grey and raining, at least the birds don't seem to mind the blackbirds are out and singing their hearts out.

Not a good night, tossed and turned the air seemed very muggy must invest in a better fan this year.

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Mar 2017 at 07:46AM

Fennie's Avatar Good morning, Camilla. Is that a Beryl Cook painting? Funnily I was only talking about BC the other day.

Here it is not muggy at all but cold, windy and wet. You wouldn't need a fan here. Even the Central Heating struggles!

I had a bad night too. Caused by not eating enough yesterday! Had to get up in the middle of the night and have a glass of milk and two hot cross buns! And this morning I am all out of sorts. Hey ho. But it will pass.

Forecast says it will get even colder. Crying or Very sad

Posted by: Fennie on 20th Mar 2017 at 08:01AM

Camilla's Avatar Good Morning Fennie and Everyone,

No not a Beryl Cooke painting it is by the artist Peter Adderley who I mentioned the other day about his artwork which is displayed some of them inside the little beach huts here where I live. He has a lot on show for you to see on Pininterest Fennie which can be shared go have a look. He lives in Devon where he has a studio with views of the beach where he gets a lot of his inspiration from but likes to add a bit of humour to his artwork too.

As for the heating in room I still can't get used to underfloor heating in new cottage it contains the heat for days good when you want it but not good when you don't .

Hope the rain soon eases, one day it's the wearing of only light clothes and other it's back to woolly's .Very Happy

Sorry to hear you had a bad night Fennie, heck hot cross buns in the middle of the night, hope you did not get indigestion. I love them but the yeast seem to upset my digestive system.

Try and have a chilled out day Fennie seeing as no sleep last night perhaps a nap in the afternoon a Siesta.

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Mar 2017 at 09:01AM

Camilla's Avatar I think when Matron see's the pic I shall be summoned to the dormitory.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Mar 2017 at 09:02AM

Camilla's Avatar Happy 100th Birthday to Dame Vera Lynn todayVery Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Mar 2017 at 09:04AM

Fennie's Avatar Yes, Happy Birthday, Vera!

Nothing wrong with the pic, Camilla. Spot of skinny dipping never hurt anyone. But I do think their clothes will be awfully wet and uncomfortable and perhaps the tide will wash them away so they will have to wait for nightfall to come out of the water! Sad

Not too much of a bad night. Life goes on. Always enjoyed hot cross buns - and they were only mini ones. Very HappyVery Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 20th Mar 2017 at 12:27PM

Camilla's Avatar Very Happy Indeed Fennie

Hopefully you will have a better night tonight, perhaps glass of milk and a couple of digestives before bedtime to sway that hunger during the night. What time do you have your evening meal? I have mine around 6.30pm but always have a small slice of cake and a coffee about 9.30-10pm.

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Mar 2017 at 02:47PM

Camilla's Avatar I posted a video this morning on my timeline page of FB of my two youngest grandchildren they are sisters very funny to watch. It was taken by my son the video at the Honeywood Museum in Surrey where they live, the Museum is having a Victorian theme days at present and the girls were dressed up in Victorian dress. The dark hair granddaughter Holly is quite an actress she likes to be centre of attention, her sister is the very blonde one.Very Happy

Posted by: Camilla on 20th Mar 2017 at 02:55PM

Fairy Nuff's Avatar Love the pic Camilla. Laughing
Will that be you down on the beach this summer? Wink

I've been watching the Painting Challenge, Suma was a well deserved winner, she's been the most consistent all the way through and has been very good at taking note of the suggestions and tips from the Tutors.

Posted by: Fairy Nuff on 21st Mar 2017 at 10:16AM

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