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Dear Humpty,

Wishing you a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.

Do hope you had a lovely time celebrating with friends and family and that you got to indulge with fine food and some fine bottles of wine on your special day.

Best Wishes,
Camilla.Uploaded Image

Posted at 6th Mar 2012 - 01:48AM   Posted by Camilla   HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HUMPTY Comments: 3

Withy Brook's Avatar Happy birthday, Humpty

Posted by: Withy Brook on 6th Mar 2012 at 12:54PM

Inthemud's Avatar Belated Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Inthemud on 6th Mar 2012 at 04:34PM

CalicoKate's Avatar Hello Humpty! Have we met? did I miss the hello? Well Happy birthday anyhows, and I hope it was a good one.Wink

Posted by: CalicoKate on 6th Mar 2012 at 08:24PM

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