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I have just spent the whole day in a meeting. I am confused, irritated and out of sorts. Also depressed and sad and fuming.

Yet I cannot say who, still less what, has upset me. Just a great desire to run home and put my head under a pillow. Which I can't of course having a great deal of proper catching up work to do. I think a long walk is called for to blow away the dust of the town and restore a measure of mental equilibrium. Don't suppose you've got another bar of that lovely Green and Black's chocolate, have you, Preseli mags?

Posted at 31st Mar 2009 - 05:54PM   Posted by Fennie   Meetings, Berludy Meetings Comments: 32

ChrisH's Avatar Big hugs, Fennie.

Posted by: ChrisH on 31st Mar 2009 at 05:57PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar I've got some 85% plain G&B marked "open in case of emergency". Will that help?

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:17PM

Fennie's Avatar Oh you are so wonderful PM! Double Tick Gold Star and I shall buy you another bar tomoz.

Posted by: Fennie on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:20PM

Ivy's Avatar OMG Fennie that doesn't sound like you at all. Have you got a cold coming on? Sometimes those meetings are just a waste of time and one begins to wonder what useful work could have been done in the meantime but you sound in dire need of some pampering.

Posted by: Ivy on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:24PM

Snailbeachshepherdess's Avatar little voice -( sorry - for voice read 'rasp') from Shropshire, I could do with a bit of a pamper as well - move over Fennie ther must be room for two of us on the pampering couch- have never even tasted G and B? Is it good? Does it do the trick? Can I order it by the load?

Posted by: Snailbeachshepherdess on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:32PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Aw Fennie I will give you a big hug - whilst I confiscate PM's chocolate Twisted Evil ArrowArrowArrowArrowArrow

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:45PM

Westerwitch's Avatar No SBS the chocolate is rubbish and I am going to have to eat it all to save you all from yourselves . . .Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:46PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar Confiscate MY chocolate? Unlikely. *Revs really BIG chainsaw* GrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrr

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:51PM

Westerwitch's Avatar *Looks pityingly at little chainsaw and revs ReALLY REALLY BIG chainsaw* Twisted Evil

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:56PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Tsk - tuck your vest in . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:57PM

Ivy's Avatar Oh dear SBS what happened? I really don't understand the craze about G&B how about some Lindt Cherry and chilli in dark bitter mousse?

Posted by: Ivy on 31st Mar 2009 at 06:57PM

ChrisH's Avatar Oh, so noisy with all the chainsaws revving! SBS, I have some Aldi 74% cocoa choc I can share with you as you are proper poorly.

Posted by: ChrisH on 31st Mar 2009 at 07:24PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar So sorry, Fennie - certainly doesn't sound like your usual bright self....and poor SBS too sounds a bit fragile (so pipe down on the chainsaws).....All out of chocolate here I fear (though finished off the chocolate bread and butter pudding this morning for breakfast!).....

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 31st Mar 2009 at 07:47PM

Snailbeachshepherdess's Avatar Jane - please tell me you didn't really eat chocolate bread and butter pudding for breakfast - can we have a running green icon please - vomit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Posted by: Snailbeachshepherdess on 31st Mar 2009 at 07:58PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar
Westerwitch said:
*Looks pityingly at little chainsaw and revs ReALLY REALLY BIG chainsaw* Twisted Evil

Mine's BIGGER than yours. Twisted Evil

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 31st Mar 2009 at 08:13PM

Pipany's Avatar Hope you are feeling a little better now Fennie. Much love xx

Posted by: Pipany on 31st Mar 2009 at 08:19PM

Salle de Bain's Avatar Firstly...does anyone have any ear plugs? Can't hear myself think for all the b****y noise around here!! These girls and their toysRolling Eyes

Anyway, Fennie..hope you are feeling pukka again now.

I have this wonderful image of you reclining on the couch eating chocolate.....totally oblivious to the chainsaw gang outside!!


Posted by: Salle de Bain on 31st Mar 2009 at 08:31PM

Fennie's Avatar What a wonderful bunch you are! But sad that I should have been the cause of 'saw wars.' Still, you don't get many occasions, do you, when you can come out, all fierce, chocolate behind your back, and rev your chain saw?

I went for a walk - to the Castle. Where someone had spayed an 'X' on one of the trees and someone else, had cut it down, with a chain saw. It was a sycamore, well, they are all sycamores, which I think are lovely trees but which Rosie's husband calls invasive weeds - which I think is rather cruel, as they are friendly plants with seeds that keep children entertained for hours and overall a very pleasant shape.

Still thanks to those purple hugs and purple revs I am feeling much improved, or it may have been a glass of wine, or two and a chocolate ginger thingy, but mental equilibrium has been restored and now I must do some research for tomorrow.

Thanks again, lovely folk.

Posted by: Fennie on 31st Mar 2009 at 08:34PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Twisted Evil Yeah . . . but mines SHARPER and Quieter

Gawd hope you Fennie and you SBS are feeling better - I might have confiscated Twisted Evil the chocolate - but only to cut it up for you!

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Mar 2009 at 08:35PM

Fennie's Avatar PS SBS, Have moved off the pampering couch, plenty of room. Sorry that you too are succumbing. But yes Green and Black in all their many variations. Buy a bar, retreat to your bedroom and lock the door. Eat slowly and enjoy. Rich, thick, mellifluous, black, oozy, melting, sharp, bitter, forgiving, soothing, spirit raising, chocolate.

Posted by: Fennie on 31st Mar 2009 at 08:40PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar I'm glad to hear you're feeling restored Fennie. Actually sycamores are the reason we have the chainsaw. I'm afraid we cut them down as they aren't native species. They are nice trees, though, but I prefer oaks.

SBS I hope you're feeling better soon too.

(Noisy chainsaw has gone to bed. Snoring quietly now. It enjoyed 'chain saw wars'!)

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 31st Mar 2009 at 08:43PM

Pondside's Avatar Poor Fennie and SBS - have a big box of virtual Maple Syrup fudge. It is always good for cheering one up, boosting the immune system or anything else that needs boosting.
There must be something in the air all over today. We are on tenterhooks as we wait for some very important news.

Posted by: Pondside on 31st Mar 2009 at 08:43PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Sycamores are invasive weeds, many of them self-sown. Their leaves are nothing but a nuisance and because of the woody stalk and tough consistancy don't rot down to make leaf-mould. So they get burnt - carbon footprint, in a garden I mean of course. Anyone guessed? I don't like them Twisted Evil Laughing
Glad you are feeling cheery again, Fennie. Hope SBS is soon recovered too.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 31st Mar 2009 at 09:22PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Eeeeeek we have a huge sycamore in our garden and I mean huge - beautiful tree and although I hear all that you say we would never cut this down - although we do control any saplings. My chainsaw snoring next to PM's . . . it too enjoyed chainsaw wars . . .Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Mar 2009 at 09:35PM

LittleBrownDog's Avatar Late to this (as per Embarassed), and sorry to hear you were out of sorts - and agree, VERY unlike the Fennie we all know and love Wink - but glad to hear now all restored and back to normal. Am feeling a bit out of sorts myself after a rather unsatisfactory school parents' evening Confused. Not sure whether a chocolate ginger thingy will do the trick, but I'm more than happy to give it a go...Laughing

Posted by: LittleBrownDog on 31st Mar 2009 at 10:26PM

LittleBrownDog's Avatar Also, not sure about sycamores (yes, I like them, too, and am surprised to hear they're not native Surprised have always been around ever since I was knee high to a... well... something. Anyway, isn't practically everything non-native if you go back far enough Rolling Eyes)

ANYWAY, my point was... Rolling Eyes er... I've forgotten what my point was Rolling Eyes

Oh yes - apparently all our horse chestnut trees are going to die of some horrible blackspot-type thing, or so Bob Flowerdew (my new best friend Wink) intimated to me on Gardeners' Question Time the other week. And what could be more English than a horse chestnut in full flower, bedecked with wonderful candles? Sad

Posted by: LittleBrownDog on 31st Mar 2009 at 10:30PM

Tattie Weasle's Avatar Do hope all the chocolate ginger thingys, G&B, Maple Syrup Fudge etc have helped the day end softly, quietly and calmly despite much revving.
And on that note I will raise hand and say I quite like Sycamores because they love to eat metal - one of my trees is a punk and If only I could use my digital camera I could show you. It has grown over a chain which was tied round it some 60 years ago and looks very Sid Vicous now. It always makes me smile.
I will point out (in case I get a dressing down) that I am quite ruthless when it comes to uprooting any little sycamore saplings when I see them!

Posted by: Tattie Weasle on 31st Mar 2009 at 10:32PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Glad you are feeling more on top Fennie - not like you to feel under the weather.

Hope all the goodies are having a restorative effect on you too SBS . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Mar 2009 at 10:35PM

Frances's Avatar Fennie, you know I have this need to trail along about five hours past your time zone. And so, once again, I arrive way too late to find any left over chocolate.

Wait! It is not Easter yet. I am not in chocolate land no matter what the time zone. Such temptation around here.

Hoping that Wednesday gives you a beautiful day, no meetings, no April fooling ... unless you are the perp.

Will you be auditioning for ART, or is your part already assured? Not an April 1 question. xo

Posted by: Frances on 1st Apr 2009 at 01:06AM

Camilla's Avatar So sorry I have come here late dear Fennie, so sorry to hear you were feeling a tad down. Hope the choc helped and hope you did indulge in a glass of the old red stuff, always good I find when I am having a bad day, a little tipple always helps.

I always get upset when tree's are cut down, so completely understand how you must have felt. Big hug for you Fennie.

Hoping that SBS has recovered too, big hug for you.


Posted by: Camilla on 1st Apr 2009 at 01:49AM

CalicoKate's Avatar Blatedly - Very Big hugs to all those who need them!Very Happy
(including poor sycamore trees!)

Posted by: CalicoKate on 1st Apr 2009 at 09:00AM

Having spent yesterday in the San myself, I am now sending belated Purple Hugs to WW and hoping that all the chocolate consumed yesterday is not going to the scales with her (or anyone else for that matter) this morning.

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 1st Apr 2009 at 10:02AM

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