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Easter is approaching rapidly - so if you are looking for that extra special Easter present - don't forget to take a look at our very own Market Place . . .

There is a wealth of things there for your buy so check out UPL and Toady who have both added new things recently and Boudicca and Pipany and also Sue with Amazing Beads. I am offering 20% off our prints framed and unframed for Purplecooers for Easter - or the Mill is still for sale - berludy good Easter present that would be . . . and what about LBD's allotment book now there is something unusual . . . Jane's house anyone . . .

If I have missed you out then add your 'wares' into the comment box of this post and I will go and flush my head down the loo.

No need to go out into the wind and the rain when you can have a look around our skool market place in comfort . . .

So go on click excitedly here

And do tuck those vests in it is cold and wet and windy today.

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Posted at 26th Mar 2009 - 09:08AM   Posted by Westerwitch   And Another Thing Comments: 6

Exmoorjane's Avatar Just seen that you've changed your home page WW - love the rotating pictures.
Oh, and if anyone wants to buy a nice house for an Easter present, do have a peep at my blog!!!!! Wink

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 26th Mar 2009 at 10:04AM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar It is so nice to buy from members. It brings PC right into your home. I am looking forward to the arrival of Toady's pretty bag, and LBJ's Allotment book.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 26th Mar 2009 at 10:18AM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Got my allotment book today and it's FABULOUS. Really interesting and a lovely design.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 26th Mar 2009 at 10:42AM

Annakarenin's Avatar Need some help here are clicking the link and nothing appears. Is there a link to Market palce anywhere else I should be able to see?

Posted by: Annakarenin on 26th Mar 2009 at 03:06PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Try again - I have fixed it . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 26th Mar 2009 at 03:55PM

Annakarenin's Avatar Thanks WW, have actually found it on the forum section.

Always thought it would be a good idea to have everyones' stuff on display but never really looked in the Business Section ditto with the Sunday times, so that will teach me.

Posted by: Annakarenin on 26th Mar 2009 at 04:34PM

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