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Ooohh another famous Cooo

And I'll bet she'll have my guts for garters as I am putting this at the top of the list! Rolling Eyes
Our very own DevonLife will, …. she tells me on my ‘did anyone see’ post but just in case no one sees it there I'm putting it here........(drumroll emoticon needed)…. be on ITV2 tonight at 9pm Coleen's Real Women no less... apparently not one of the models!
Unfortunately we don't get ITV2 so I will need to see if I can get it tomorrow via the pooter or something but if nothing else tickles your fancy at 9 tonight watch out for Devonlife! Very Happy

Posted at 24th Mar 2009 - 07:03PM   Posted by CalicoKate   Ooohh another famous Cooo Comments: 6

Peterwf's Avatar You could try for a live feed
or afterwards

Posted by: Peterwf on 24th Mar 2009 at 07:33PM

Toady's Avatar Which one were you Devon?

Posted by: Toady on 24th Mar 2009 at 10:03PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Missed it because I was watching Mistresses - which I have been following it for the last few weeks.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 24th Mar 2009 at 10:52PM

Frances's Avatar Thank you Peterwf! Good to see you here.

I will have to try to look this up. Congrats to Devonlife, and thanks also Kate for posting this.

Lots of superstars around this place!


Posted by: Frances on 25th Mar 2009 at 01:01AM

Ahhh! I didn't watch out but according to my friend thankfully I was edited right down and just had a few lines and 'the poshest voice in the world'. Toady I think I was wearing a red cardie and was perched on the sofa for the final judging panel. The shame... TV debut on a modelling show....

Posted by: DevonLife on 25th Mar 2009 at 08:01AM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Watched this on ITV Player - you only need to watch the last 15 mins! Well done DevonLife - it's a good job you mentioned the red cardi otherwise it would have been a problem sorting the wheat from the chaff!

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 25th Mar 2009 at 09:35AM

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