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I have chewed my nails down to the elbows, I have no voice left, my husband is not speaking to me - (he's Welsh!)
Lets hear it for Brian O'Driscoll and the one and only Ronan O'Gara - where are you Irish Eyes?????Uploaded Image

Posted at 21st Mar 2009 - 08:19PM   Posted by Snailbeachshepherdess   Yesssssssssssss! Comments: 9

I'm not sure where this leaves me, I'm half and half! Whatever the result, I win, I lose! Laughing

I am delighted for the Irish. What a finish to years, rather decades in the wilderness. Heartfelt Congratulations and Well Done to them all.

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 21st Mar 2009 at 08:25PM

Cait's Avatar Hear Hear!

What a match!

I am a nervous wreck as well but the best team on the day won!

Posted by: Cait on 21st Mar 2009 at 08:34PM

Tiggywinkle's Avatar What an incredible match. It's a great night for us to win the Grand Slam after so many years. The atmosphere at Cardiff arms is always riveting, and there is nothing like the Welsh National Anthem, always sung with such gusto. It always makes me cry. There is always a good rapport with the Welsh, & I liked the exchange of Jerseys. Felt sorry for the Welsh team too.
I must be getting old- knew 1 of the players as a baby, and my little grandson (5) has just become a member of Easts in Brisbane, where his dad was a member of the under 19's Australian team. I'd say Dublin is rocking to-night, so I'm off to have my tipple.

Posted by: Tiggywinkle on 21st Mar 2009 at 08:37PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Ah, pretty gutted here of course but by heck what a match and such good play. A worthy win - and I loved the shirt swapping.
But, like you SBS, we're all hoarse and deaf and our hearts were totally pounding.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 21st Mar 2009 at 08:55PM

Patsy's Avatar What a thriller, fantastic game. And what sportsmanship between the teams at the end!
Dublin will be rocking tonight!

Posted by: Patsy on 21st Mar 2009 at 09:19PM

Could hardly watch the last ten minutes, had the cushion over my face at the last penalty. Well done Ireland! It will make my Irish Dad's day, I'm so happy for them, they really deserve it.

Posted by: Blogthatmama on 21st Mar 2009 at 09:30PM

Half and half here also, but after that early professional foul on O'Gara I was shouting for the Irish team.

Best team did win.

Posted by: Maud on 22nd Mar 2009 at 08:36AM

ChrisH's Avatar Now, will you put those poor Irish boys down!

Posted by: ChrisH on 22nd Mar 2009 at 10:01AM

Huge relief on current temporary sofa (the one that belongs to communist millionairess-with-plump-property-portfolio).
Enough to cheer someone who's contemplating (with the usual suicidal consideration) the nth relocation in as many years. Very, very soon.
Mind you, French commentary hilarious, with giggles prompted by inadvertent pun "C'est la Fete d'Heaslip!". Well, they - and I - thought it was funny. Mind you, doesn't take much ...
Also confess to finding it difficult, when watching the Calcutta Cup, to work out who was this 'Tommy Vance' character on the Scotland side. Who?? I'd never heard of ... name wasn't listed. Until, that is, the penny (or cent) finally dropped: it was, of course, none other than Tom Evans - only with the accent French!Confused

Posted by: Phidelm on 22nd Mar 2009 at 05:39PM

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