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Suppose everyone is out in the garden? Is it gorgeous everywhere (because it's absolutely stunning here)? I've done a couple of hours of weeding and lopping and feel very virtuous (though also horribly aware that it's a mere dent in all that needs doing). I'm only here as waiting to see if my third eBay attempt at getting a stripper will succeed. Neutral

Posted at 15th Mar 2009 - 02:20PM   Posted by Exmoorjane   Waiting.... Comments: 19

Blackbird's Avatar I so wish that it was gorgeous here! It's flurrying with snow and a windy day is forecast. Maybe spring will come next week. I have roses to transplant so I'd like a couple of grey, cool but not cold days to get it done.

Posted by: Blackbird on 15th Mar 2009 at 02:25PM

Same here, just a little south of you Blackbird. Then I expect we shall see pictures soon if everyone is out gardening? Snow ones from me. . . maybe. . .Very Happy What ever your doing, hope you all are having a great day! xxx seashell

Posted by: Seashell Cosmos on 15th Mar 2009 at 02:29PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Crikey......snow and wind? It's like high summer here....I was getting too hot!!
Eeek, only four minutes to go on my auction....fingers crossed.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 15th Mar 2009 at 02:39PM

Done a good couple hours in the garden. Got rid of my rosemary 'tree', that is the bush that was threatening to take over the (intended) vegetable plot and now have to deal with the 'remains' which is a heck of a lot. Continued weeding, got stung and scratched and now I have an allergy attack so am no good for anything until tomorrow. Bogger.

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 15th Mar 2009 at 02:41PM

Ohhh, Good Luck, let us know!

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 15th Mar 2009 at 02:42PM

Toady's Avatar Oooohh didn't know you could strippers on ebay. Chippendale sort is it??

Posted by: Toady on 15th Mar 2009 at 02:43PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Outbid at the very last four seconds. SadMad

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 15th Mar 2009 at 02:43PM

Pondside's Avatar No warm and balmy breezes where I am.
We had a great day yesterday, dodging raindrops through Everett and Bellvue, and today looks like it will be pretty grey and gloomy.
Spent the better part of yesterday afternoon in my favorite fabric store, Calico Corners - lots of new fabrics in the back of the car....lots of sewing when I get home!

Posted by: Pondside on 15th Mar 2009 at 02:55PM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Condolences, Jane. It is so frustrating to be outbid at the last moment. I sit poised, finger on the trigger, checking status every few seconds, but it still happens sometimes. I always think 'meant to be' it's probably no good anyway.Crying or Very sadSad

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 15th Mar 2009 at 03:21PM

Warm and sunny here too, it's been glorious.

Posted by: Zoe on 15th Mar 2009 at 03:36PM

Pipany's Avatar Woohoo, have spent all weekend gardening! Beautiful sunshine both days and really quite hot today. Off for bath and roast now (and Jane, stripper!!!!!!?????) Shocked

Posted by: Pipany on 15th Mar 2009 at 03:51PM

Feeling guilty at doing zilch gardening when we should be doing tons. I hope you find your stripper soon Jane!Wink

Posted by: Blogthatmama on 15th Mar 2009 at 04:46PM

Elizabethd's Avatar Jane, you might be able to hire one?

Posted by: Elizabethd on 15th Mar 2009 at 04:49PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar You're right...probably a reason etc... Third one I've bid on. Have borrowed one already but it's back with its owner right now and figure would be worth getting my own as soooooooo much stripping to do (OK, shut up all of you RIGHT NOW!)...and also became persuaded by the messages in forum (think it was Toady) which said best to get a 'do the lot' type one that would zap your weeds and clean the cooker (??!) too. Ah well, another auction coming up.....maybe fourth time lucky?
Darn and drat - didn't get my curtains either.....

Ah well, worse things etc...... Now on third glass of rose, having resited a bunch of hellebores that were flowering their llittle hearts out under a nasty privet bush......... Gosh, it is SOOOOOO gorgeous out there.....

AND, England beat France!!! Sorry, bit exuberant here (and the Welsh contingent are, weirdly, happy as apparently it is good for something or other......)

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 15th Mar 2009 at 05:00PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Been gardening today too - murdering odd sorts of roses, and very ancient white climbing rose, and the Buddlea (having a blank on how to spell it) Yesterday it blew a gale which made it very unpleasant out in the garden. Today, cloudy but much less wind and OK to work outside.

Posted by: Withy Brook on 15th Mar 2009 at 05:36PM

Westerwitch's Avatar It was sunny - but then went overcast and chilly - the wind still has an edge to it.

Fourth time lucky Jane - keep at it . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 15th Mar 2009 at 06:26PM

Frances's Avatar Truly sorry about your E-bay results, Jane. However, you got to be outdoors in wonderful weather and a promising garden. I spent most of today sorting out new April collection clothes in the stockroom basement.

Bet you would not want to trade?


Posted by: Frances on 15th Mar 2009 at 11:43PM

Well lots of gardening here too, pruned roses, hoed the herb bed, planted onion setts, more setts [purple] still to come.
sowed lettuce and tomatoes and cucumbers in trays..
DH planted carrots and other things under cloches and rotavated half the big veg garden, he now has a bad back!

We have a few onions left and have just run out of potatoes, havent bought any spuds since July last year, not bad!

Few leeks and parsnips and carrots in the garden still - but the carrots are a bit hit and miss and you can't always tell which is which until they have been cooked! Yugh!

As we live in a 'tied' house we tend to concentrate on veggies as there is only really lawn and nothing else..

Good luck on ebay... it would take a week to cover all DH's adventures on ebay but let's just say he has been BANNED from buying any more rotavators because he has been DONE ever time and we have several... need I say more!

Posted by: Arcadian advocate on 16th Mar 2009 at 09:49AM

Grouse's Avatar When you bid on ebay, if its something you really want, you wait until there are only seconds to go and put in your highest bid.........dont lead competitors up with escalating bids, giving them warning of how high you will go. Just wait until the last seconds and zap in with your max- they will try to retalliate with a high enough bid, trying to anticipate what you put in. If your timing is right, by the time they realise their mistake, bidding is over. I always get what I'm going for by doing that, but you have to keep your nerve and hope aol (or whoever) dont let you down at the last moment

Posted by: Grouse on 16th Mar 2009 at 08:53PM

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