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Since I'm supposed to be running the LLanelli half marathon later on this morning I thought I'd better check the site..... aaargh! Today's 'STOP PRESS' is for 'cold, wet and VERY windy weather'. Noooooooooo! I am doomed! Why did I think this was a good idea??

Posted at 8th Mar 2009 - 08:16AM   Posted by ChrisH   EEEEEEK!!!!!! Comments: 18

ChrisH's Avatar That's it, I'm off! The rain is so heavy I can't see Mags across the hills. Good bye cruel world!

Posted by: ChrisH on 8th Mar 2009 at 08:58AM

Pondside's Avatar Good luck Chris!!!

Posted by: Pondside on 8th Mar 2009 at 09:02AM

All the best, sooner you than me!!

Posted by: Jude on 8th Mar 2009 at 09:42AM

Vic's Avatar good luck! let us know how you get on!

Posted by: Vic on 8th Mar 2009 at 09:51AM

Crystal Jigsaw's Avatar I expect you will already be there by now - but I'm thinking about you. Have a great time, whatever the weather!

CJ xx

Posted by: Crystal Jigsaw on 8th Mar 2009 at 10:02AM

Brave Chris. Or is it Foolhardy Chris? Good Luck. Are you running for charity or just for fun? er, do people run half marathons for fun?

If we haven't heard from you by tonight, do we come and look for you?

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 8th Mar 2009 at 10:03AM

Preseli Mags's Avatar It's cold. It's raining. It's windy. The race starts at 11.30am. This woman is tough (or mad!)

But I'm sure a few strong, powerful and warm purple thoughts will help too.


Posted by: Preseli Mags on 8th Mar 2009 at 10:43AM

Camilla's Avatar I hope you have your vest tucked in Chris, go girl! it may be raining but I know you'll put your very best into the running. Think you definately deserve a large glass of the old red tonight Chris.! Best of luck.


Posted by: Camilla on 8th Mar 2009 at 11:19AM

Tattie Weasle's Avatar Good luck Chris!!!!

Posted by: Tattie Weasle on 8th Mar 2009 at 11:21AM

Good Luck, hope the weather is kinder than forecast - its glorious here, sunny with a light breeze, hope its more like that your way!

Posted by: Zoe on 8th Mar 2009 at 11:26AM

Fennie's Avatar Chris, I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. You choose this running malarkey and it's not as though you go in for indoor events. Running is horrible, horrible, horrible - stop punishing yourself! The only thing you can say that is remotely pleasurable is when it stops. (I've just finished Matthew Parris autobiography, by the way. He is (or was) another runner - holds the marathon record for an MP. He tries to explain why in his book, but it's all just pain, pain, pain. Why?)
But, all the same, hope you had good luck and a big hug to you - mad person!

Posted by: Fennie on 8th Mar 2009 at 11:39AM

Frances's Avatar Best wishes for a safe run, Chris. I am a bit like Fennie in my view of the idea of a marathon, but I know how much running does mean to you.

May you cross that finish line and be happy! xo

Posted by: Frances on 8th Mar 2009 at 11:48AM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar I'm in the warm. I'm in the dry. I'm sitting down watching Crufts and that's where I'm going to stay.
But Good Luck ChrisH you mad thing!

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 8th Mar 2009 at 12:25PM

After the first 5 miles, you won't notice a thing! Hope it goes well!

Posted by: HimalayanBlue on 8th Mar 2009 at 12:34PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Good grief - will get Matron to make up a cosy bed in the San for when you get back - better light the fire as well and fill the bed with hot water bottles.

Snowing here and berludy cold - so do hope the weather is a bit kinder to you.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 8th Mar 2009 at 12:56PM

wow Chris, hope the weather isn't too bad and best of luck to you! Very Happy

Posted by: Seashell Cosmos on 8th Mar 2009 at 02:05PM

Woozle1967's Avatar Have been thinking of you as I am huddled next to the Rayburn with a steaming cup of tea!Laughing You ARE a mad person!! Hope you didn't get too wet............. very blustery here today. Brrrrrrrrr.xx

Posted by: Woozle1967 on 8th Mar 2009 at 02:54PM

ChrisH's Avatar Sniggering at Fennie's comment!

Posted by: ChrisH on 8th Mar 2009 at 05:34PM

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