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Big event today

We're hosting a book launch at the library where I work one day a week as their archivist. By the standards of the town (which has a population of 1,700!) this is quite a big deal. I'm going in now to set up a display of old photographs and so on. This is the first time I've been involved with a book launch, so am slightly nervous and hope that it all goes smoothly. Wish me luck!


Posted at 7th Mar 2009 - 01:20PM   Posted by Mandahill   Big event today Comments: 8

CalicoKate's Avatar Oh very best of luck & I really hope all goes well and folk turn up.
What is the book you are launching?

Posted by: CalicoKate on 7th Mar 2009 at 01:29PM

CalicoKate's Avatar DUH, Sorry, click the link CK Rolling EyesRolling Eyes ArrowArrow

Posted by: CalicoKate on 7th Mar 2009 at 01:30PM

shame it is so far away , the iGit is very interested in such things, and often watches programs about old planes, or sometimes we go to see them fly. Both our Fathers were in the RAF, his WW2, mine later, so I guess we grew up with the interest.

Good luck with it, I recall watching a program not so long ago about Canadian pilots flying long haul over the pole to get new planes to us in the UK during both wars, hugely risky business, and many crashed. Such brave selfless men.

Posted by: Zoe on 7th Mar 2009 at 01:45PM

Frances's Avatar Best wishes on the launch. It is great that the library can help stir up enthusiasm for a new book.

Posted by: Frances on 7th Mar 2009 at 01:55PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Very best wishes indeed....hope it goes swimmingly. Big deep breaths and you'll be fine!

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 7th Mar 2009 at 02:25PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Oooooo how exciting - when is it?

Posted by: Westerwitch on 7th Mar 2009 at 02:32PM

Pondside's Avatar Wow - that will be fun! I'll have to look for that book for my dad, husband and brother, all of whom served in some version of the RCAF.
I know Deseronto pretty well. When I lived in Kingston I spent many a pretty summer afternoon visiting my friend's parents who lived in the old train station house - very interesting place. We'd take our children for the day - a magical place to paddle in a stream and wander on the (then) empty streets without fear of being run over! We'd visit the cheese factory on the way home, squeeking curds all the way!

Posted by: Pondside on 7th Mar 2009 at 03:28PM

Fennie's Avatar Best of luck Mandahill!

Posted by: Fennie on 7th Mar 2009 at 06:20PM

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