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I have updated in the Private Forum.

Posted at 5th Mar 2009 - 09:22PM   Posted by Cait   Update Comments: 4

Boudicca23's Avatar I have no idea where the private forum is.....

Posted by: Boudicca23 on 5th Mar 2009 at 09:51PM

Cait's Avatar If you can't see it in the Forum page it's because I think you have to have been a member for a certain time before being allowed access? I am not sure of the rule, WW will explain.

It's where we put more 'personal' stuff.

Posted by: Cait on 5th Mar 2009 at 10:00PM

Camilla's Avatar Thank you Cait,

I have PM you.


Posted by: Camilla on 5th Mar 2009 at 10:55PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Yes, Cait's absolutely right. The private forum 'opens up' when you've been an active member for a period of time. It's purely a protection for the community as sometimes we need to post things which we don't want to be read by the world at large. Not that you're the world at large, Boudicca!
It should be explained in your initial welcome email. If not, let WW know, as that's an oversight.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 6th Mar 2009 at 10:09AM

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