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lovelost57: totter on in

A big welcome to lovelost57 who has busied himself by going to "Welcome" to effect his introductions. Like, d'oh? Please don't think that things are always what they seem to be. It might appear that Welcome is the right place to go, but no. It isn't. Just as DIY is often far more interesting than it sounds (and often, sadly not!) and What Product Shall I Buy veers off topic amusingly, so, in order to say hello, you have to slide down 10 topic things to "new members introduce yourselves". Anyway, after a brisk moment of confusion, welcome. We hope you enjoy it here. You'll never leave.

Posted at 5th Mar 2009 - 12:50PM   Posted by Milla   lovelost57: totter on in Comments: 6

Jackofall's Avatar A bit like the Hotel California?

Posted by: Jackofall on 5th Mar 2009 at 06:26PM

Faith's Avatar Hello Lovelost57..... I can't find you in any forumConfused

Were you born in 1957? If so, so was I!


Posted by: Faith on 5th Mar 2009 at 06:27PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar In the very first forum - Welcome.....Faith
Big welcome Lovelost.....

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 5th Mar 2009 at 06:55PM

Faith's Avatar In which topic in the welcome forum? I still can't find lovelost!

Posted by: Faith on 5th Mar 2009 at 08:50PM

Silverhead's Avatar Welcome lovelost. I haven't got to grips with it all yet either and I've been here a couple of months. Still it's great fun exploring the site and you always find another part which you don't remember seeing the night before.Enjoy!

Posted by: Silverhead on 5th Mar 2009 at 09:41PM

Camilla's Avatar Faith - it is under the first heading in the Forums of Welcome as Jane said.


Posted by: Camilla on 5th Mar 2009 at 11:06PM

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