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What's happened to the Weather!

Why has it suddenly gone freezing cold again. I was just getting used to the lovely mild temperature and now I'm struggling to use the mouse as my hands are so cold. I have to keep popping downstairs to defrost on the Aga.

CJ xx

Posted at 3rd Mar 2009 - 01:36PM   Posted by Crystal Jigsaw   What's happened to the Weather! Comments: 8

Countrymousie's Avatar Using a mouse hey....Laughing

Posted by: Countrymousie on 3rd Mar 2009 at 01:38PM

Pipany's Avatar Yes, blooming freezing here too Crystal. Can't find my fingerless mitts which are great for using on the computer. Pouring with rain too...sigh

Posted by: Pipany on 3rd Mar 2009 at 02:05PM

flippin freezing again. damp, cold, windy, rain. grrrrrrrr. And to think I lost so many beautiful days in the garden last week because of being involved for the entire four days of St Davids Day community events! Grrrrrr!!!!!!

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 3rd Mar 2009 at 02:27PM

Mountainear's Avatar Bit grim here too - had just got used to a bit of sunshine too. Grr.

Posted by: Mountainear on 3rd Mar 2009 at 02:56PM

Mountainear's Avatar Just checked and light snow showers are forecast for tomorrow. Oh double grrr.

Posted by: Mountainear on 3rd Mar 2009 at 02:58PM

Annakarenin's Avatar Freezing and frustratingly I can't light the fire now because I have pulled off all the insulating tape around our upstairs light fitting, quick fix whilst waiting to get chimney lined. Can't even re-tape them as we have loads of work going on on that floor grrrrhh or should I say brrrrh.

Posted by: Annakarenin on 3rd Mar 2009 at 03:34PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar Pretty grim here now too. Why is it mostly fine for most of the day, until time to pick up from school and then it starts blowing a gale and raining horizontally? Grrr and brrr and a little bit damp.

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 3rd Mar 2009 at 03:42PM

just finished chasing things around the garden.

Posted by: Celtic Heart on 3rd Mar 2009 at 04:30PM

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