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Happy New Year

Wishing everyone on this wonderful site a Happy New Year - or at the very least, a happier one than 2008 has been.
Go to catch the wolves to have a bit of fun
May I add my thanks to all who have made this site possible and those who gave so freely of their love and support when it was needed earlier in the year. God bless you all.

Posted at 31st Dec 2008 - 05:45PM   Posted by Withy Brook   Happy New Year Comments: 5

Westerwitch's Avatar Aw Withy a very Happy New Year to our lovely Matron and Matriach. I think we can let the Gals untuck their vests just for tonight don't you . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Dec 2008 at 06:01PM

Westerwitch's Avatar LOVE the card

Posted by: Westerwitch on 31st Dec 2008 at 06:02PM

Happy New Year to you and yours too Withy. I must say that your presence on Purple Coo has been illuminating for me this year. Thank you.

Posted by: Crucifix on 31st Dec 2008 at 06:07PM

Pondside's Avatar Too cute! I must send that to my neices in Toronto.
Happy New Year to you, too, Withy!!

Posted by: Pondside on 31st Dec 2008 at 06:32PM

Faith's Avatar God bless you too Withy - I'm sure He does without me asking!

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Faith on 31st Dec 2008 at 06:36PM

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