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Best days

for me are in between the years Cool.

Recently I went to..... Question

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Posted at 28th Dec 2008 - 12:13PM   Posted by Bayou   Best days Comments: 10

Faith's Avatar Confused

Posted by: Faith on 28th Dec 2008 at 12:25PM

Camilla's Avatar Me too.Confused

Posted by: Camilla on 28th Dec 2008 at 01:16PM

Bayou's Avatar Sorry, I don't want to confuse you Sad
it might be a bit dark... the right thing is a very old church and on the left, the blue thing is, where the so called "Bull ring" starts..... I think that Blossom might know Wink

Posted by: Bayou on 28th Dec 2008 at 01:22PM

Fennie's Avatar Are we playing the Belgium gambit? In which case Elephant and Castle!Very Happy

Posted by: Fennie on 28th Dec 2008 at 02:46PM

Lampworkbeader's Avatar Mornington crescent?

Posted by: Lampworkbeader on 28th Dec 2008 at 02:59PM

Bayou's Avatar LaughingLaughingLaughingThat was a good one---- google told me where it is, LWB LaughingLaughingLaughing
It is actually a town in the UK, not Belgium Fennie Wink
I have never seen such a rough change of architecture but it is stunning!

Posted by: Bayou on 28th Dec 2008 at 03:12PM

Westerwitch's Avatar I can't see the picture very well on my laptop . . .Sad

Posted by: Westerwitch on 28th Dec 2008 at 03:18PM

Bayou's Avatar hmmm - don't know how I can improve it....

Posted by: Bayou on 28th Dec 2008 at 03:23PM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Is it Birmingham?

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 28th Dec 2008 at 04:37PM

Bayou's Avatar Bingo, Rosie! Razz
Can you imagine that my super duper navigation system, which has never failed in many countries, would send me 70 km round and round and round -not able to bring me straight to New Street Rolling EyesI finally found out that if it gets the post code, then it seems easier. But even the U-turns where in the right direction, though.

Posted by: Bayou on 28th Dec 2008 at 04:47PM

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