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A lovely relaxing day, no cooking, no housework, just a wonderful walk through the woods with Daisy Boo. I was wrapped up warm against the cold elements of weather, cold enough for snow here and no doubt Mr Frosty will appear by early morning.

Snuggled up with the book my son gave me as one of the presents- Spilling the Beans by Clarissa Dickson-Wright, which John Humphrey's encouraged her to begin writing in the first place.

My son returned home to London and he and his partner are spending a few days in Kent before they return back to London in time to see a show on Tuesday night, I miss him already.

Logs are crackling on the fire as I sit here with a hot cuppa and Daisy snoring blissfully on the sofa.

Have a lovely Sunday.

If you can't sleep and there are others on line then have a natter here.

Night Night, & Sweet Dreams.

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Posted at 28th Dec 2008 - 12:28AM   Posted by Camilla   I CAN'T SLEEP CHAT POST Comments: 10

Camilla's Avatar Hello Irish Eyes,

Lovely to see you here on owl post, just off to take a tour of the site, back later.


Posted by: Camilla on 28th Dec 2008 at 12:30AM

Frances's Avatar Hello Camilla, and I see that Irish Eyes is also around these parts. Irish Eyes, I just scanned your post, and will read it more carefully and surely make a reply.

Meanwhile, good that you have had a relaxing day, Camiilla. I am sure that that book will be interesting.

Such a strange night and early morning in this apartment. The radiators were hissing, or should I write Hissing and Spurting all night. I got up at some early am hour to actually open the windows.

So... slept on an off, and when I did get up this morning for an early start at the weekly laundry, I glimpsed my face in the bathroom mirror, and thought, Oh you do not look so well. Surely you slept? I drank lots of water, and got the breakfast underway, and traveled back and forth to the basement laundry room to get that project underway.

Late morning I stopped at the doorman's desk to leave a Christmas tip and cookie package for the building's doorman, and learned that indeed, something was not at all right with the boiler/furnace for the building. It had sort of taken on a mind of its own. Just wanted to supply heat, did not want to rest!

Out I went for the around town errands, and when I got back in early afternoon, all was pretty much back to normal.

I made yet more gingerbread/shortbread and balanced my checkbook, and moaned a bit more about how all my carefully assembled life savings/investments seem to have come undone.

Enough of this moaning.

I also made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce in late afternoon using both sweet and hot varieties of Italian sausage, and lots of veg. The pasta I am just eaten is grand, and now I have lots more to reheat in the next days to come.

Now. Let me see what Irish Eyes has written, and what else might be going on around here.


Posted by: Frances on 28th Dec 2008 at 12:39AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Frances,

Drinking plenty of water is a good thing Frances, it has got so warm here in the sitting room that I have drunk lots of it.

Do hope the radiator/boiler is now running more efficiently, it was only a few days ago that my HL said we need to have our boiler either reserviced or aquire a new one.

I can't resist gingerbread and shortbread Frances, and spaghetti sauce sounds heaven.!!


Posted by: Camilla on 28th Dec 2008 at 12:51AM

Frances's Avatar Hello again Camilla,

It was interesting when I went across the Park to the east side of town, first to return books to the library and then to stop into the Metropolitan Museum briefly (picking up a tiny pocket calendar at a super sale price) that the streets seemed very quiet.

The little library was quiet too, but it is usually pretty subdued. In a very good way.

The Museum had lots of visitors, and I think it still qualifies as our city's top tourist attraction. I actually did not visit any exhibits, just got my little calendar, browsed through the bookshop (of course) and then walked home.

Even my usually quite buzzing grocery market was quiet. Maybe a lot of folks have left the city for a long weekend.

I just hope that some of them come back home by Monday and come shopping at my shop!


Posted by: Frances on 28th Dec 2008 at 01:07AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Frances, thank you.

Your walk in the park Frances brings back memories of when I used to visit Regents Park in London, I was a frequent visitor to that park.

The picture you painted for us in our mind's eye before Frances of your library with sofa's and chairs sounds lovely, we only have a very small library here, sadly no seating apart from one seat in front of library's own PC which residents of the village can use at their wish for just an hour.

Well done with bargain calender Frances, a calender for 2009 is something I need to hunt for soon.

Probably lots of folks as you say Frances have indeed left the city for that Christmas holiday break.

Do you have a sale on at the shop at the moment Frances.?


Posted by: Camilla on 28th Dec 2008 at 01:42AM

Camilla's Avatar You need flash to view this videoYou need flash to view this video

Posted by: Camilla on 28th Dec 2008 at 01:51AM

Frances's Avatar Oh yes, we have a sale on top of a sale!

Throught January 4, we are taking an additional 25% off any items that are already on a sale price. This really does result in some wonderful savings. Customers who have been teetering back and forth on whether to buy a certain cashmere sweater, for example, have returned to get that sweater ... and bought another item as well.

I just wonder what will happen on January 5, when that magic spell is over. From what I read in the media, all bets really are off for the new year. No one knows what our future will bring. Will more jobs be lost, will the world economy straighten itself out ... say by September?

Having studied economics, I am well aware of how everything is so interconnected. It is easier to see how the dominos fall than how they get set upward again.

Camilla, I see by the clock that it is getting late in Norfolk. Is it not time for you to rest those eyes?


Posted by: Frances on 28th Dec 2008 at 01:51AM

Camilla's Avatar Frances, I saw on the news on TV that sales in London stores were heaving recently, slashed by 50% and some even more so. Not sure I could have been in that crowd of so many people though, quite suffocating.

Wishing you many customers to come through shop door Frances depite the financial crisis, let's hope 2009 will be a better year, even though it does have a big question mark teetering over it.

I have PM you Frances, hope you received.

2.12am here, so I am off to bed, night night Frances, and sweetest of dreams, see you tomorrow.


Posted by: Camilla on 28th Dec 2008 at 02:13AM

Frances's Avatar Nite, nite. xo

Posted by: Frances on 28th Dec 2008 at 02:15AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Thank you both for your lovely Owl Post

Posted by: Westerwitch on 28th Dec 2008 at 03:11PM

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