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I am in a reflective mood tonight and just thought I would put up this little piece. What has attendance at this superior school for bloggers one and all given you?

Well, for my part it has given me, particularly since last February more wonderful support and friendship than I could have ever imagined possible. The wealth of strength, goodwill and camadarie is phenomenal.

I would like to thank all of you who stood in strength with me in March, you helped me cope with the loss of my beloved Mum more than you will ever know. I won't name names because I would run out of space, there was was so much said to me through The Coo that gave me the lift I needed to keep going, especially during the months of coming to terms with her loss and moving into her house, my old home and all the challenges that brought.

I want to thank you all for the support you have shown to our beloved Cowgirl who has become a very close friend of mine, as well as to many others of you here, again that generosity of spirit is there when anyone needs, it is boundless.

To those of you who are going through your own personal time of trial and stress, keep coming back into the Common Room. It is here you will find non-judgemental, totally supportive friendship and that is what will keep you strong in your hour of need.

My special thanks to the Moderators for their support, friendship and for their endless patience with my technical woes, not to mention the fact that they didn't expel me for the "hellllllp" cries when passwords got lost and all hell broke loose on my old p.c.

I am beginning to wonder where I went wrong when I married OH, after the Christmas prezzie sister in law gave me [see worst presents] I wonder why I couldn't have had any member of the Coo for a sister in law instead.Laughing Consolation prize I guess is Himself, to whom I owe a great debt of thanks. The times he has come home to find me immersed in a blog, reading frantically to catch up on blogs I have missed out on etc,, and no dinner on the table for him...a lesser man would have fried me in oil, coated me in batter and flambed me! God bless you hon!

May 2009 bring all of you nothing but the very best, and if there are hard times may you have the strength to carry on, aided and abetted by the redoubtable members of COWART'S COMMON ROOM! I guess our motto is Fortitudine Vincit!

Happy New Year everyone,

Posted at 28th Dec 2008 - 12:22AM   Posted by Irish Eyes   School Report Comments: 5

Frances's Avatar Good evening to you Irish Eyes.

What a glorious tribute you have written as we sort of ease our way to the New Year.

I am laughing, thinking that if I were to be your sister in law (and I would love to be your sister in law) it would mean that you would have to have married one of my brothers. Let me tell you, you are so fortunate in your very own husband!

When I walked back across Central Park this afternoon, I did have my little camera with me, but took no pictures. The mistiness was very softening to our cityscape, and not a feeling that would translate in a photo.

Tonight the mistiness has thickened into real fog.

Yes, IE, this school is definitely a place of higher learning and of continuing education.


Posted by: Frances on 28th Dec 2008 at 12:45AM

Camilla's Avatar Hello Irish Eyes,

Such a wonderful tribute you have wrote.

My HL only said yesterday that I spend too much time on PC, so I think your HL is an absolute winner.!

I came to Purple when I was experiencing a tough time, it has been my saviour and we are so blessed to have such wonderful friends who have supported us through thick and thin.

May 2009 be a Happy Peaceful Year for you Irish Eyes.


Posted by: Camilla on 28th Dec 2008 at 01:04AM

Faith's Avatar Superb post I.E.

Like Camilla, I came into what was to be the beginnings of the purple fold (i.e. CL) at a low point in my life and who knows how I would've coped/not coped without you all.

All good wishes for 2009 to you I.E. and every other Cooer.

Posted by: Faith on 28th Dec 2008 at 10:11AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Love and hugs to you Irish Eyes.

I too have had a great deal of support from Purplecoo as well as a lot of laughs and found myself with a wonderful new group of friends. There is something comforting and special at being able to share things through the site at any time of the night and day. And when something funny happens one of my first thoughts are . . .ooooo must put that up on Purplecoo.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 28th Dec 2008 at 01:32PM

Fennie's Avatar Yes, for so many of us if PC didn't exist we should have to invent it. What a wonderful thing you did WW.

Posted by: Fennie on 28th Dec 2008 at 02:49PM

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