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Nothing to do with Christmas, continued...

Thanks for all your help. The character in my story has just tried to phone the man who, after an unfortunate one night stand, has made her pregnant, and been fobbed off by his secretary demanding to know why she needs to speak to the great man so urgently. My character is running through in her mind what she should have said, in order to convince the woman to put her through.
Do I make sense? No? Ah Well, thanks for your help all the same.
love Lampie

Posted at 22nd Dec 2008 - 02:57PM   Posted by Lampworkbeader   Nothing to do with Christmas, continued... Comments: 4

Withy Brook's Avatar Of course you make sense, Lampie! I have no answer as I've no idea what she should say, but someone on here will come up with a "funny" Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Withy Brook on 22nd Dec 2008 at 04:26PM

Faith's Avatar Just asked 20 yr old Em. She said she would tell the secretary 'Look this is the situation, I'm pregnant and I need to tell him. If you don't put me through I'll have to go to the papers!'

I also asked her what words girls her age would use to say they were pregnant and she said 'There are no special words - we'd just say 'I'm pregnant!'

Posted by: Faith on 22nd Dec 2008 at 04:32PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Um she could have said could you tell Mr X that I have now ascertained that his sexual equipment is in full working order and what would he like to do with the result.

Have to add years ago I was trying to get hold of HS and told the receptionist that I was HS's girlfriend and that I was pregnant and what was he going to do about it - caused much hilarity in the office - although they guessed it was me - practical jokes and all that.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 22nd Dec 2008 at 09:16PM

Camilla's Avatar Hi LWB, have you decided on what description of word suits best, best of luck with the book, think the word Pregnant seems to have got the vote.


Posted by: Camilla on 23rd Dec 2008 at 01:38AM

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