Cowart's Common Room
getting later....

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Could I be any later? Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Ahem, hope you all have had a good day and are feeling chilled out and merry - though obviously Mags may be more merry than most by now!!!! Laughing xx

Posted at 21st Dec 2008 - 05:52PM   Posted by Pipany   getting later.... Comments: 4

Blossomcottage's Avatar Great Picture they all look as if they are looking back in amazement at something! Maybe its Mags!Blink

Posted by: Blossomcottage on 21st Dec 2008 at 05:56PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar They're all throwing up their little twiggy arms in horror. And no, I'm not in the least bit merry. Not in the slightest bit chilled out either. I think I need to go and kick the s*dding washing machine a few more times.

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 21st Dec 2008 at 06:57PM

Frances's Avatar Great pipture! Definitely not at all chilled out here. So much going on at the shop and so much left to take care of in what I recall was once my own private life.

I hear that tomorrow will be a longer day than today ... definitely will get more done. xo

Posted by: Frances on 22nd Dec 2008 at 01:11AM

Camilla's Avatar Yes, great pipture Pips, wish there were real snowmen here, sadly it will not be a White Christmas here.


Posted by: Camilla on 22nd Dec 2008 at 02:46AM

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