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Happy Christmas!

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Dear All

Have been hopelessly out of control, as usual, and have missed all the fun and games at Purplecoo for too long now. Am about to rush off to youngest's Nativity, have bacon burning in oven and egg to scramble in the next 2 mins, but just wanted to wish you ALL a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR 2009.

I would have posted a pic of the photographic cards I made and which are currently on sale at a posh smellies and household shop in Buxton (was very excited about this but daren't ask the owner if she's actually SOLD any yet!). Close ups of red berries with ice on them, frosted leaves etc. Stupidly sold them all to her without taking a scan of them for myself or keeping one back of each design! Now can't find the original photos either so completely hopeless! And the photo I have of this year's tree is still on the camera which is in the car outside in the rain. SO, I have decided to put up one of last year's tree and a blurry one of a tree and church in Bordeaux, where we were last Christmas. At least they kind of put you in the festive mood.

So, Headmistress, rap my knuckles again for failed homework. I will try and be more organised next time!

I also just wanted to say how sorry I was not to be able to join you on Monday for your celebration of Cowgirl's husband's life. I was so sorry to hear of her deep loss and would like to pass on my thoughts and condolences and take this opportunity to raise my glass to the lives of loved ones who have been lost to us - there are many, I am sure. It is particularly hard when it happens at this time of year. My warmest wishes to you all and especially to Cowgirl tonight.

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Blossomcottage's Avatar Happy Christmas.
Love Blossom

Posted by: Blossomcottage on 18th Dec 2008 at 06:55PM

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