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It's Arcadian Advocate's Birthday today - a big one too!
I tried to post a picture for her on the forum but failed - again! So here it is.
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Posted at 18th Dec 2008 - 01:30PM   Posted by Arosebyanyothername   AA's BIRTHDAY Comments: 21

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar What is the matter with me - that is the wrong picture! Try again.

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Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 18th Dec 2008 at 01:38PM

Thank you so much, two plants - how wonderful and Agapanthus are my absolute favourite!

Day going well, pile of pressies to open when the family are back tonight, pigs to move and all the usual, just off to hang my Birthday cards, about 50 of them!!

Now where is the string?

Posted by: Arcadian advocate on 18th Dec 2008 at 01:46PM

Ivy's Avatar Oh I thought It was Almighty Admins second birthday this yearVery Happy

Happy birthday Arcadian Advocate and many happy returns.

Posted by: Ivy on 18th Dec 2008 at 01:55PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Yes I thought AA had sneaked in another Birthday - we shall have to call you Aa . . . Happy Birthday.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 18th Dec 2008 at 01:58PM

Mootia's Avatar 50 b-day cards?! you are popular - happy b-day and good luck with the pig moving; having had past experience, I know how crafty they can be!

Posted by: Mootia on 18th Dec 2008 at 02:08PM

Blossomcottage's Avatar Linked Image

Posted by: Blossomcottage on 18th Dec 2008 at 02:37PM

Wizzard's Avatar Uploaded Image

a nice healthy cake before christmas

Happy Birthday


Posted by: Wizzard on 18th Dec 2008 at 02:48PM

Frances's Avatar Have a wonderfully Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Frances on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:00PM

Crystal Jigsaw's Avatar Have a fabulous birthday Aa. Like WW & myself, you have a near-Christmas birthday!!

CJ xx

Posted by: Crystal Jigsaw on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:11PM

Pondside's Avatar Happy Birthday! Is moving pigs a new thing to do on significant birthdays? If so, I'll grab tradition and plant it over here - love to be a trend setter!
Have a wonderful day!

Posted by: Pondside on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:30PM

Happy days, AA.

Posted by: AerialArmadillo on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:36PM

Faith's Avatar Happy Birthday! and what a cute mouse, Blossom - I want it!

Posted by: Faith on 18th Dec 2008 at 05:15PM

Milla's Avatar There are 3 AAs now! But we know which is which and that's fine and the almighty one doesn't comment so am sure he won't mind sharing his initials to aid the confused. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you, whatever your name is!

Posted by: Milla on 18th Dec 2008 at 05:19PM

Angel's Avatar Aha! I think it may have been a 'Big one' too!!
Sshhh! Don't tell anyone...

AA-I hope you have had a lovely day and enjoy the evening ahead.

Happy Birthday

warmest wishes

Posted by: Angel on 18th Dec 2008 at 05:37PM

Toady's Avatar Have a great day.

Posted by: Toady on 18th Dec 2008 at 05:44PM

Cait's Avatar Very many happy returns.

Posted by: Cait on 18th Dec 2008 at 09:15PM

Thanks so much for all your good wishes, I beleive I am mean to be 'Aa' on here which I hope will lessen the confusion.
I am a newbie here and think it is a wonderful place. Just been out to pub supper, and off to the BIG SMOKE tomorrow to take a much loved very elderly aunt out to lunch.

If ! count up all the numbers on the cards inthe kitchen it appears I am over 1200 years old.. so actually I feel quite young.

Posted by: Arcadian advocate on 18th Dec 2008 at 09:37PM

Camilla's Avatar Oooh, did not know it was your birthday Aa.

Wishing you a very HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Aa.

Have a lovely day with your Aunt, hope you get to have yummy cake too.

Love and Best Wishes,

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Posted by: Camilla on 19th Dec 2008 at 02:06AM

Camilla's Avatar Uploaded Image

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Dec 2008 at 02:10AM

Camilla's Avatar So sorry Aa, hoping my card will show for you this time.

xxUploaded Image

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Dec 2008 at 02:16AM

Camilla's Avatar Enjoy your day Aa, have fun.!

Love Camilla.xxUploaded Image

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Dec 2008 at 02:19AM

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