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Crapwrap (made me laugh anyway)

Sorry to lower the tone at this 'Show and Tell' - but this made me laugh...

'When it comes to wrapping presents, most men tend to take a utilitarian approach. The paper is likely to be roughly chopped, the sticky tape applied in industrial quantities and as for bows and ribbons —forget it.

It's perhaps not surprising that presented with an immaculately wrapped gift, many women become suspicious that it may not have received the personal touch. But one UK retailer is providing a wrapping service so shoddy the recipient will be left in no doubt her partner did it. is paying 20 of its male forklift truck drivers and warehouse assistants to wrap presents as quickly as possible, using ugly brown duct tape and very little care.

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And the £3.95 service, called CrapWrap, has attracted more than 500 customers since it launched last week.

Whether it's a book, DVD or something trickier such as a kitchen utensil, the team guarantees to make a mess of it.

Kevin Smith, 29, is proud to be the worst wrapper at the company's London warehouse. He said: "I am rubbish. We're not given any instructions. I'm just asked to make a hash of it using lots of brown tape and making sure there are rips and untidy folds."

Posted at 18th Dec 2008 - 12:34PM   Posted by Mootia   Crapwrap (made me laugh anyway) Comments: 13

Westerwitch's Avatar LaughingLaughingLaughing

Mind you HS is one of those rare men who wraps a pressie well - it is me that is the crapwrapper Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Westerwitch on 18th Dec 2008 at 12:48PM

Mootia's Avatar Actually, WW, I agree that it is wrong to generalise - my Dad once spent the run-up to Xmas as a present wrapper in Harrods; he's brilliant...!

Posted by: Mootia on 18th Dec 2008 at 12:52PM

Ivy's Avatar The presents I get are always artworks . Often I find it's a shame to open them but curiosity wins. I have to wrap so much more items that I can't pay as much attention to wrapping as OH does but no crap-wrapping in this household. I was properly trained by dad and granddad when wrapping the Christmas presents for their employees from the age of eight. 36 years later I still do their Christmas presents.... sometimes with the help of my kids.

Posted by: Ivy on 18th Dec 2008 at 01:41PM

SallysChateau's Avatar Oh mrs sense of humour failure here, why are people paid to do a crap job ? and why would you pay for it ? bizarre.

Posted by: SallysChateau on 18th Dec 2008 at 01:47PM

Very HappyVery HappyVery HappyVery Happy Love it, Mootia, but amazing that it is taking off in these cash strapped times.

Posted by: @themill on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:08PM

Great crapwrapping! Banana leaves make for fantastic (and very eco-friendly, says she snootily Rolling Eyes) prezzie wrapping. No bananas? Bog standard brown paper tied up with oodles of raffia threaded through with bits and bobs of dried fruit and cinnamon sticks and prickly ivy leaves and rose hips look pretty good too.

Posted by: AerialArmadillo on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:32PM

Pondside's Avatar My brother sent me that link and I laughed too! Way back in the dark ages when I worked in retail I remember the men that would come through on the 24th with that deer-in-the-headlights look in their eyes. They'd buy anything. When asked about the wife/girlfriend's size the answer they'd give was invariably "About your size" Of course when the gift was exchanged after Christmas it was by an amazon or a tall skinny woman or a woman with a huge top and small bottom or a woman short and fat..........too funny. Those fellows wouldn't have needed CrapWrap as I'm sure they'd be doing a terrible job at home all on their own!

Posted by: Pondside on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:34PM

Milla's Avatar trust Canada to be SO much bigger! It's rabbit in the headlights here! Rolling Eyes

Posted by: Milla on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:42PM

Mootia's Avatar LaughingLaughingLaughing, Milla!

Posted by: Mootia on 18th Dec 2008 at 03:56PM

Ivy's Avatar deer-in-the-headlights +rabbit in the headlight what does it mean panic?

Posted by: Ivy on 18th Dec 2008 at 04:15PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar My father would take great delight wrapping presents so well that you could never get into them. I suspect that may have been to annoy my grandmere. Here in France men are excused crap wrapping services as most shops have a free gift wrap service anyway.. rabit in headlight.. frozen with fear Ivy!

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 18th Dec 2008 at 04:27PM

Faith's Avatar Sorry don't get this - I can crap wrap myself, don't need to pay someone to do it for me!

Posted by: Faith on 18th Dec 2008 at 05:13PM

Milla's Avatar panic, yes, when confronted with too much to do or, in the case of a road strolling rabbit / deer, with the complicating horrors of on-coming headlights. They know they ought to run but ... so confusing ... what to do ... aaargh, just sit tight and hope it doesn't happen.
Crying or Very sad

Posted by: Milla on 18th Dec 2008 at 05:21PM

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