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I'm know it's early and I'm supposed to be writing Christmas cards but I'm already thinking of my New Year's Resolutions and one of them definitely will be to create an avatar (why do I want to transpose that word so much?). To help me in my thinking over the next 11 months, and before I finally get round to it, my question is why did you choose yours?

Posted at 10th Dec 2008 - 05:54PM   Posted by Blogthatmama   Avatar resolution Comments: 18

I just chose a self portrait, really.......

Posted by: @themill on 10th Dec 2008 at 06:50PM

Blossomcottage's Avatar Mine is Doris Mc Squirter my JRT who was so terrified of the horses, one day when she was being very pathetic I put her on Ralph our Welsh Cob, and she though she was the Bee's Knee's and asked each time she came into the yard to go up their by putting her paws on his front legs. That is my Avatar Doris and Ralph I just love the picture.

Posted by: Blossomcottage on 10th Dec 2008 at 06:50PM

Bradan's Avatar Bradan means salmon in the Gaelic language......

Posted by: Bradan on 10th Dec 2008 at 07:32PM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar I am a Bridge player

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 10th Dec 2008 at 07:34PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Don't ask.....they will all wince! It took forever.....and a few changes of heart. I suppose because my dog, Asbo, has become well-known on PC and he's a JTR (I like the sort of perky self-assurance of my avatar - and would like to emulate it!).

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 10th Dec 2008 at 07:35PM

Patsy's Avatar Patsy is my alter ego... Wink

Doris McSquirter, Blossom? ...Just love it...I'll never be able to look at a JRT with a straight face again..Laughing

Posted by: Patsy on 10th Dec 2008 at 07:37PM

Blossomcottage's Avatar Yep named after Norris McWhirter of Guinness Book of record fame... we said she would get in the book for peeing on the carpet a record number of times as a puppy!!!

Posted by: Blossomcottage on 10th Dec 2008 at 07:59PM

Sometimes, first thing in the morning mainly, I look a bit like you @themill but yours is taken. Love the Doris McSquirter Blossom and all of the animals, think I'm being drawn towards an animal, but which one,? Obviously can't have a JRT Jane or a salmon Bradan, definitely not going with a hippo or an elephant. Shame Patsy's taken and I can't play bridge ARose, maybe something to do with snap, I can do that? Hmmm...

Posted by: Blogthatmama on 10th Dec 2008 at 08:13PM

Cait's Avatar I can't say I chose it as an avatar as such, I just nicked it from my blog avatar type thingy. It's a pic of a local wood. I don't know what I would choose to represent me - a witch I thinkSmile

Posted by: Cait on 10th Dec 2008 at 08:14PM

Preseli Mags's Avatar I like sunflowers! Although it was once Timmy from Shaun the Sheep. I may yet change it. I'm fickle. I love Blossom's avatar. I've got a picture somewhere of a chicken on my late thoroghbred, but it's not nearly so cute.

Posted by: Preseli Mags on 10th Dec 2008 at 08:27PM

Withy Brook's Avatar When I finally got brave enough to try an avatar I had recently taken a picture of a handsome lily in my garden. I do NOT think it represents me in purity etc Laughing but I am a gardener and I was proud of it.Embarassed

Posted by: Withy Brook on 10th Dec 2008 at 08:55PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Ah I live in an area called Wester Lix - and I am considered a witch - or was when I used to do Reflexology.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 10th Dec 2008 at 10:16PM

TIGGYWINKLE's Avatar I chose my mine to match my name, Tiggywinkle, which in turn I chose, because I love Beatrix Potter, and my favourite character was Mrs. Tiggywinkle.

Posted by: TIGGYWINKLE on 10th Dec 2008 at 10:22PM

Lampworkbeader's Avatar I make beads so I chose....some beads. nothing like being original is there?

Posted by: Lampworkbeader on 10th Dec 2008 at 10:55PM

Camilla's Avatar I chose mine because I adore animals and children, dog in the picture is a JRT which we have with Daisy Boo, the picture is entitled Suspense of which I like a bit of now and then.!

Posted by: Camilla on 11th Dec 2008 at 01:50AM

Faith's Avatar I keep white garden doves but I try as I might I couldnt reduce one of my own pics for the avator so had to pinch one from the internet. When you are thinking about what to have, consider what it will look like reduced. Of the ones above mine in this post, I like Preseli Mags' best because it stands out so well.

Posted by: Faith on 11th Dec 2008 at 07:04AM

Thanks everyone, it's now a work in progress!Very Happy

Posted by: Blogthatmama on 11th Dec 2008 at 08:41AM

Milla's Avatar I came across that poor hunched crone and thought, ME! It was part of a small animation which ended in said hunched crone collapsed, bleeding, on the keyboard but the machine just saved the pre-watershed version.

Posted by: Milla on 11th Dec 2008 at 12:10PM

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