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For some time now I"ve noticed a new member, Violava. Last week I checked out her blog - one posting from 2000 and very hard to understand. Today it's been wiped clean. Could Violava please be encouraged to introduce herself? I know I may sound cranky, but if people have access to the private forums I'd like to know who they are.

Posted at 4th Dec 2008 - 02:55PM   Posted by Pondside   New Member? Comments: 18

Milla's Avatar If you go to the complete profile on her page, you get sent to one blog which is mighty weird.
I agree, Pondside. I've never got these members who join and then disappear but can still lurk. Whither Littlevegpatch for instance (a name I happen to remember as I saw she was from my home town of Bristol). (Although I know that WW does all she can to "vet" people).

Posted by: Milla on 4th Dec 2008 at 03:02PM

LittleBrownDog's Avatar Perhaps we ought to have some sort of procedure where if people haven't posted for a while - say 6 months - they get lopped off. It's like signing up for college then not going to any classes (although perhaps they could apply to re-enroll. I know my sister joined, then hasn't posted for ages, but she does sort of have an excuse...)

Posted by: LittleBrownDog on 4th Dec 2008 at 03:05PM

LittleBrownDog's Avatar Yes indeedy, Pondside and Milla, having just been to check out the blogger in question Shocked. She / he / it does sound a bit on the odd side and, at the risk of sounding snobbish (whispers) (((perhaps not really one of us))).

Posted by: LittleBrownDog on 4th Dec 2008 at 03:10PM

Milla's Avatar your sister is most definitely one of us and with the biggest most horrible excuse going.
We've mooted in an inactivity kick-off thing somewhere before haven't we? Any thoughts anyone?

Posted by: Milla on 4th Dec 2008 at 03:13PM

Crystal Jigsaw's Avatar I definitely would be horrified to know that members who aren't really participating in the site are given access to the private forums. It makes me, and I expect others, worried about what we can post about. I've been posting an awful lot about school this year so I'm sure you can see what I mean. Personally, I don't want to post anything private anymore if members aren't "one of us".

CJ xx

Posted by: Crystal Jigsaw on 4th Dec 2008 at 03:33PM

Westerwitch's Avatar I am adding this in as a post as well because I do realise that some of you have some real concerns. . . .

Hi all just to put your minds at rest - every member that applies to join has to go through an interview process and then they are vetted by all the moderators after which we vote on whether we feel someone is suitable or not. This has been mentioned before, but I guess got lost in the archives. No-one can simply join - they ALL have to be vetted and then manually confirmed by me.

Violava has just been confirmed. In her blogspot bit she put none - which then of course linked to none.blogspot!!!! Which is indeed a rather odd blog and not hers.

So please be rest assured that on-one can just join on a whim to look at the private forum that just ISN'T possible. We are all working hard to make sure that the site is looked after and that our community is kept safe and in the event of someone wanting to cause mischief slipping through the net myself and the moderators have the power to remove them instantly and the site is constantly monitored - or at the very least frequently - plus I am available on email, or by phone, or mobile if there is the need to deal with a problem quickly and this includes when I am out - maybe not when I am asleep though.

The moderators and I have discussed removing some of those that have either never participated, or not for the last six months - it is on my list of things to do. I intend to write to all those involved first - rather than simply just remove them and then wait seven days - but obviously there is only so much I can do in a day.

I hope this puts everybody's mind at rest.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 4th Dec 2008 at 03:57PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar Its quite usual on websites if you dont post for several months to get an automatically generated email saying where are you ( and in the case of one american site I belong to..."Hey ( enter name) we notice you havent been around of late and we miss you, post to let us know you are still a member". If you dont respond after 2 attempts they delete you.

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 4th Dec 2008 at 04:04PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar I'd like to echo WW's post - as many of you know I have a particular interest in making sure no troublemakers get onto the site. But Pondside, you know this - you were yourself a moderator until recently. I can assure you nothing has changed.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 4th Dec 2008 at 04:09PM

Westerwitch's Avatar We don't currently have that facility on our site - but I will be getting in touch with all those that are not contributing.

I am in two minds about having an automatic process which is rather impersonal, but then again less work for me. However when I have sent everyone party invitations in the past it has actually brought back members who had not been around for a long time - so I am going to stick with the personal touch for now - after all it is what makes our site work so well.

I will be sending party invitations soon so will add in the 'where are you' process.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 4th Dec 2008 at 04:15PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar I agree we need to do a bit of housekeeping and clear up people who don't post.....maybe in the future there could be automatic reminders as UPL is suggesting, but the final deletion remains manual. When I look down the list of members there are some wonderful people I miss madly - would be lovely if some of them could come back....
Some (like Suffolkmum for eg) I know do pop by every so often but simply don't have time to post.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 4th Dec 2008 at 04:21PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Another thought. Maybe once a person has been 'OK'd' following their interview we should put up a Welcome post. Maybe that could allay some of the concern?
I guess though, bottom line, we none of us know exactly who's reading us - so it's probably worth bearing that in mind when posting. Not being paranoid here - just thinking of degrees of separation etc.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 4th Dec 2008 at 04:27PM

Westerwitch's Avatar We could certainly ask Milla as Head Girl to put up the welcome post.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 4th Dec 2008 at 04:30PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Think that's a great idea. Also takes the onus off the new members who might be nervous about launching straight into a 'here I am' post.
Poor Violava - sure she will be flummoxed by all this. I have to confess though to laughing my head off at reading the blog she had inadvertently tagged herself to - in fact still giggling at it as you couldn't get anything further away from Violava - as you'll realise when she starts posting.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 4th Dec 2008 at 05:09PM

Faith's Avatar Now I am intrigued as to why [quote][/quote]

Posted by: Faith on 4th Dec 2008 at 05:41PM

Faith's Avatar Oh dear..... was trying to use the quote button and dont really know how....

I am intrigued to know why EJ has a particular interest in making sure no troublemakers get on the site. I mean of course none of us want trouble makers...

Posted by: Faith on 4th Dec 2008 at 05:42PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Someone I know once tried to get onto the site to have a go at me......fortunately the interview procedure put the person off and they didn't pursue it.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 4th Dec 2008 at 05:46PM

Faith's Avatar Oh I see. Well that's good to know that the current system works.

Posted by: Faith on 4th Dec 2008 at 05:51PM

Purple Coo is such a special place and I agree we have to do everything we can to try to only include people who would appreciate the atmosphere of compassion, curiosity, joy etc etc - and the work that goes into the site to maintain this.

It's valuable to all of us, as a place for friendship and much knowledge.

Posted by: Crucifix on 4th Dec 2008 at 07:53PM

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