Cowart's Common Room
Man Cold

Does anyone else out there have one of these at their house?
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Posted at 30th Nov 2008 - 11:39PM   Posted by Pondside   Man Cold Comments: 3

Camilla's Avatar Used to, not any more thank GodRolling Eyes I am a wise little bird now.Smile


Posted by: Camilla on 30th Nov 2008 at 11:51PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Nope I am very lucky in that HS rarely gets ill . . . and he is of the school that you ignore it and carry on Rolling Eyes sometimes I don't know which is worse.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 1st Dec 2008 at 09:36AM

Withy Brook's Avatar If G has a nasty bug he is quite good at taking himself off to bed and being no bother. Having seen that clip I know that mine is a very very long way from that!!!

Posted by: Withy Brook on 1st Dec 2008 at 06:03PM

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