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Thank you!!!!

I thought I managed to sneak by the birthday radar, but I should have known better! So, 24 hours late belated thanks for my lovely birthday wishes........

Have had a hectic week starting with last weekend's trip to Bath to visit my uncle and cousins. We all share birthdays within about 3 days of each other so try to celebrate together at some point. This year it was at my uncle's and my cousin and his wife laid on a pure feast. We had yummy homemade goats cheese and plum tomato puff pastry tarts (which melted in the mouth), followed by rack of lamb and local veg, and then amazing clementine cheesecake and/or (and as it was my birthday, it had to be AND) lime and white chocolate torte......... all washed down with copious quantities of Black Stump wine (if you haven't tried it, then please do).

Then the rest of the week has been split between visiting friends and other friends visiting us and then I blinked and it was suddenly Saturday - how did that happen?

One of my lovely presents was the Green & Black's Chocolate Recipes book - OMG!!!!! I've put on 3 stone just flicking through it..............

So, thank you all again for your lovely birthday wishes - it means a lot.xx

Posted at 22nd Nov 2008 - 06:31PM   Posted by Woozle1967   Thank you!!!! Comments: 4

Toady's Avatar If you're having a choccy baking session I'll be round.

Posted by: Toady on 22nd Nov 2008 at 09:21PM

Camilla's Avatar Hi Woozle,

Sounds as if you had a lovely birthday, I adore Green and Blacks chocs, simply GORGEOUS.!!

The food you mention makes my mouth water, yummy.


Posted by: Camilla on 23rd Nov 2008 at 02:00AM

Grouse's Avatar Well I missed your birthday wishes so can I sendmine now? Belated Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Grouse on 23rd Nov 2008 at 09:30AM

Faith's Avatar I think I missed sending birthday wishes too, so Happy Birthday Woozle! The meal sounds yummy!

Posted by: Faith on 23rd Nov 2008 at 10:08AM

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