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Two middle aged women managed to crash trolleys when shopping in Asda. Apologising profusely one explained that she'd lost sight of her husband and wasn't looking where she was going.
The other said that she was doing exactly the same and wondered if they could help each other, and asked what the other's husband looked like.
Well said the first, he's about 28, 6'4 ", blue eyes and thick brown hair. What about yours', she asked.
Never mind about him, she replied, We'll look for yours.


Posted at 21st Nov 2008 - 10:20AM   Posted by Toady   Joke Comments: 7

Milla's Avatar very funny! Laughing

Posted by: Milla on 21st Nov 2008 at 10:34AM

Faith's Avatar I'll help them lookLaughing

Posted by: Faith on 21st Nov 2008 at 10:55AM

Westerwitch's Avatar Elbows everyone out the way - he's confiscated . . .

Posted by: Westerwitch on 21st Nov 2008 at 11:30AM

Ivy's Avatar The trouble is with those men you never have them for yourselves.
there are always greedy eyed women around you. My BIL pretty much suits that picture. We were at party this summer and for some reason his wife wasn't present and hubby was getting us some drinks so everybody thought BIL and I were a couple. It was disgusting what women did to get his attention until I hugged and kissed him- much to his amazement and to that of hubby just returningEmbarassed felt really protective for that poor chap.

Posted by: Ivy on 21st Nov 2008 at 11:46AM

Cait's Avatar LaughingLaughingLaughing
for Ivy's comment too!

Posted by: Cait on 21st Nov 2008 at 12:35PM

Salle de Bain's Avatar What you need girls is one like mine...

Not particularly attractive on the outside...but with hidden depthsWink

He's gorgeous!!!

Posted by: Salle de Bain on 21st Nov 2008 at 01:46PM

Camilla's Avatar LaughingLaughing Love it Toady.!!

Posted by: Camilla on 22nd Nov 2008 at 01:54AM

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