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John Sargent quits

So John Sargent has quit Strictly Come Dancing, what are your thoughts, if any ? were the great British public voting to keep him in simply to blow a raspberry at the pompous self inflated importance of the TV bosses and the judges or was everyone just enjoying some light relief from the grim daily news ?

Posted at 19th Nov 2008 - 05:30PM   Posted by SallysChateau   John Sargent quits Comments: 24

Exmoorjane's Avatar I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I didn't even realise he was IN Strictly Come Dancing! I heard him on the news and he sounded eminently sensible - partic the bit about how it was just a light entertainment show, not running the country!

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 19th Nov 2008 at 05:32PM

Westerwitch's Avatar I enjoyed seeing the efforts he made and I liked his attitude - for me he was someone trying his best against all odds - very British and it is what the British like. Also he isn't one of the slender gorgeous young things - he for me is real . . . I am sorry he has gone - but after the fiasco with X-Factor I can see why he did it.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 19th Nov 2008 at 05:34PM

SallysChateau's Avatar Well I had begun to think I was the only one in the world not watching strictly come dancing and thought i had better 'get with it'. Just when is Brucie going to retire gracefully and let some fresh talent in ?

Posted by: SallysChateau on 19th Nov 2008 at 05:36PM

SallysChateau's Avatar That's why I liked watching him too WW, purely for the effort he made and not being one of the slim gorgeous things, what a lot of old cats they sound behind the scenes.

Posted by: SallysChateau on 19th Nov 2008 at 05:38PM

Camilla's Avatar Good question Sally, I think J.Sargent comes across as a wonderful sociable chap, he is very intelligent and I loved his news reports.

Not fair that he has been described as a wheezing Winnie the Pooh in sequins, he has retired gracefully from the programme as bosses of Strictly Come Dancing do not think it is fair that he stay in, they think the public only voted for him because they felt sorry for him.

Well why did they allow J Sargent to be included in line up in the first place, was it to bring humiliation to him or perhaps they thought he could dance anyway.

Posted by: Camilla on 19th Nov 2008 at 05:40PM

I haven't seen it either, but heard the judges on breakfast tv (sorry, can't cope with The Today Prog at that time of day) and I couldn't believe how far up themselves they were. It's light entertainment for God's sake. I do hope, from now on, everyone votes for the most inept person in the competition.

Posted by: @themill on 19th Nov 2008 at 05:43PM

Fennie's Avatar I would vote to bring Sergeant back. Poor man, he has been left alone with a pistol and told to do the decent thing. That's the point of democracy - occasionally, as George Brown once said famously - it 'democks.'

Posted by: Fennie on 19th Nov 2008 at 05:52PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar ah dear... I read that as John Sargent quilts and had this wonderful image of his painting "nonchaloir" you know the one with the woman lying on the sofa wrapped in a shawl.. thought my I bet thats an immpressive thing to have on your quilt cover.. you can tell we don't have UKTV can't you! I havent seen come dancing since it was in black and white.. so who is JS then? Dancer or presenter?

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 19th Nov 2008 at 06:13PM

Westerwitch's Avatar He's a lovely cuddly presenter . . .

John Sargent

Posted by: Westerwitch on 19th Nov 2008 at 06:18PM

SallysChateau's Avatar Rolling Eyes Noooooo you can't be old enough to remember it in b/w surely ??Laughing

Posted by: SallysChateau on 19th Nov 2008 at 06:19PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Er, (dare I ask) what was the X Factor fiasco???

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 19th Nov 2008 at 06:21PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar Oh stop it Sally I remember my grandmothers television had a great magnifying thing in front of it like a lense..

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 19th Nov 2008 at 06:45PM

Milla's Avatar oh Jane Rolling EyesRolling Eyes the X Factor fiasco was voting off dear Laura (since when the heart has gone out of the comp) and keeping in a massive set of lungs instead Wink. I mean Ruth can sing, even better than I can (!) but she just hasn't got "it". Wasn't watching Strictly, either, but rather sad the old sausage has toddled off.

Posted by: Milla on 19th Nov 2008 at 06:54PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Ah now true to form Milla and I don't agree - I think Ruth is amazing and better than Laura - but Laura shouldn't have gone and neither should Austin . . . others were clearly getting the sympathy vote.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 19th Nov 2008 at 06:57PM

KittyB's Avatar It seems there was some argy bargy behind the scenes with 'better' dancers being almost voted off and John (rubbish dancer, in reality, despite being the nicest man) being voted to stay in. What a shame peole can't be more magnanimous. Jeremy Paxman gave a brilliant quote that I will horribly mess up here - he said that by people voting John Sergeant to stay in we were blowing a huge collective raspberry at a ridiculously self-important dance show. Hear hear to that.

Posted by: KittyB on 19th Nov 2008 at 07:16PM

Tattie Weasle's Avatar Absolutley KittyB! I suppose it's a case of forgetting who you are (the judges/TV producers) perhaps like Roman Emperors you should have someone standing by you telling you that your are only mortal so don't let the adulation go to your head!
Sad to see him go but how typical of him to go with dignity - marvellous!

Posted by: Tattie Weasle on 19th Nov 2008 at 07:50PM

Crystal Jigsaw's Avatar For a start I think James Jordan (is that his name?) is an arrogant pompous opinionated so & so. And I think John Sergeant did the right thing. He couldn't win either way. The poor guy can't dance and he knew it, yet the public were keeping him in what is supposed to be a dancing competition. It was a fiasco and the entertainment side was just becoming a "get-one-over-on-the-judges" game.

I don't think John wants anyone to feel sorry for him because what he feels was the right thing to do, he did. And while the judges ripped him to shreds, backstage sniping and media hype, JS had a very difficult decision to make and he had the courage to make it. I feel sorry for Christina because she's a genuinely good dancer but I'm sure we'll see her again in Strictly.

CJ xx

Posted by: Crystal Jigsaw on 19th Nov 2008 at 08:03PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Thank you for explaining....... I just can't quite get my head round the way the news nowadays gets dominated by media news (and, by the sound of it, neither could John Sergent!).....

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 19th Nov 2008 at 08:08PM

Snailbeachshepherdess's Avatar wonder how much he got paid?

Posted by: Snailbeachshepherdess on 19th Nov 2008 at 08:15PM

Elizabethm's Avatar Sensible and nice man. silly programme though! i appreciate that is a bit compulsive. My lovely parents are completely addicted!

Posted by: Elizabethm on 19th Nov 2008 at 09:15PM

SallysChateau's Avatar Terrific hype if you ask me, now when is Brucie going to go ? he's painful.

Posted by: SallysChateau on 19th Nov 2008 at 09:16PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Oh come on Sal - Brucie is amazing and G and I love him. I think this may be his last though.
G thought it was time for JS to retire but I hoped he might carry on another round or two. Bad luck on good dancers being voted off though. What I do not understand is all this we hear about one girl at least being a fully trained dancer. How can she qualify?

Posted by: Withy Brook on 19th Nov 2008 at 09:50PM

Pondside's Avatar Too funny! I have absolutely no idea what any of this is about, but like UPL thought I was going to read something about a John Singer Sargeant painting!!! Had to laugh at myself!Laughing

Posted by: Pondside on 20th Nov 2008 at 01:02AM

Wizzard's Avatar I'm with you Withy - Brucie is amazing and is a true all round entertainer who doesnt have to resort to smut or bad language to entertain ALL ages.
We voted for John - we liked to see him and Kristina dance and enjoy it.
Crystal - yes I have got very annoyed with James - he is unbelievable. On sunday night he said one thing, then each time I have seen him he contradicts himself, now he is saying that JS did this to make it "all about him".
I watched the 1 hour special of It takes 2 last night and could not believe the about turn everyone was making - saying JS should not have left like this. True, but the way the voting works means that the public would continue to vote for him, so this was the only way he could see of leaving now before the public who dont vote for him get really nasty.
In my office there is a chap who goes round doing dance comps and he was sooo rude about JS and really could not see that Strictly is entertainment and JS gave us (the licence paying public) entertainment.
I knew that eventually John and Kristina would go, and am really sad he has made this decision but I understand why. Maybe the BBC will learn after 7 series that if they dont want this to happen again then they must change the scoring so that the judges have the bigger vote.


Posted by: Wizzard on 20th Nov 2008 at 08:17AM

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