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It's enough to freeze the cockles................ have just loaded the logs into the wood barn, well that's my back gone for the day.

Cannot believe it will soon be Christmas, sorry Jane.............. the word is out. What will you be asking Santa to bring you this year?Smile

Well I am off to walk Daisy Boo, I have tackled with the green tartan lined in blue fleece coat, and she is thinking, no don't want to wear it, come on Daisy I say, it'll keep you warm, darn, have given up now.


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Posted at 13th Nov 2008 - 02:07PM   Posted by Camilla   SANTA Comments: 7

Mountainear's Avatar Not cold here Camilla. Just wet. Again. Everywhere is sodden. I am thinking of exchanging hens for ducks.

Posted by: Mountainear on 13th Nov 2008 at 02:43PM

Ivy's Avatar Warm and mostly dry hereSad not the weather I'd like. If I could wish for the weather to be like I want it it would be: Frosty, clear sky and sunshine at midday.

Posted by: Ivy on 13th Nov 2008 at 03:14PM

Ivy's Avatar It is far too warm for all those woollies I madeTwisted Evil

Posted by: Ivy on 13th Nov 2008 at 03:15PM

Salle de Bain's Avatar i'll be asking Santa for pleasant weather in 2009!

Posted by: Salle de Bain on 13th Nov 2008 at 03:33PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Even if it was cold, fleeces, lined or unlined, are bad for dogs, unless they are clipped. They have their own built in coat and provided they are dried when they get home, they will be fine. Once they have one on, they have to stay on. Would be interested to hear from our vets on this to see if they agree with me. Sorry, Camilla, don't mean to be rude and perhaps Daisy Boo has been clipped?

Posted by: Withy Brook on 13th Nov 2008 at 06:08PM

Westerwitch's Avatar Actually I have bought my JRT a coat as he seems to be feeling the cold now that he is then and a half years old - however his is not interested in wearing it. But he is no longer keen in going out in wet and cold weather. We have bred these dogs so they are not as nature intended - perhaps we have to give them a hand as they get older.

Milder than of late here, but damp.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 13th Nov 2008 at 10:34PM

Camilla's Avatar Withy - Yes I think you are right, but I have been told that JRT's have very fine skin and feel the cold a lot, this conveyed to me by a friend who has always kept this breed.

I have never had this breed of dog before and always thought they were tough little things and surely would not need a coat.
If Daisy does get wet after walking in the rain (she loathes the rain) then I always rub her down with a big fluffy towel to dry her.

Of course I don't think you are rude Withy, you could never be that, only giving advice. Three type of furs for this breed, smooth haired, long-haired, and rough-coated, Daisy is the rough-coated one, like she has just got out of bedSmile


Posted by: Camilla on 14th Nov 2008 at 01:20AM

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