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Shopping all day!

Sounds like I have unlimited leisure time and unlimited funds....but you would be wrong!!

I'm a charity shop junky....and apart from sourcing necessities such as food (and drink) those are the only other shops I frequent!!

What's your best charity shop bargain?

Been to Armagh today...lovely old city...cathedral...beautiful gardens...nice tea rooms.

Best of all, lots of charity amd junk shops....bliss!!!

Posted at 6th Nov 2008 - 09:59PM   Posted by Salle de Bain   Shopping all day! Comments: 10

Westerwitch's Avatar A clock - I love it - have never managed to get it to work properly - but it is lovely and right twice a day.

Posted by: Westerwitch on 6th Nov 2008 at 10:12PM

Exmoorjane's Avatar Ah lucky you... I am rubbish with charity and junk shops - never find anything good (though I think the ones round here are rubbish - people on Exmoor never get rid of anything until it is in shreds).
Sooo, what did you buy? Tell all.

Posted by: Exmoorjane on 6th Nov 2008 at 10:12PM

Toady's Avatar Can't keep away from them. Latest find was an old fashioned wooden clothes airer for 2.

Posted by: Toady on 6th Nov 2008 at 10:14PM

Ivy's Avatar No charity shops here not even crap ones!Twisted Evil

Posted by: Ivy on 6th Nov 2008 at 10:16PM

Salle de Bain's Avatar A long red aran cable knit cardigan....gorgeous with jeans and boots....hand knitted in it!!!

A dark blue glass jug and six glasses (in the dishwasher as we speak).

2 African prints

2 Fired earth cushion covers....perfect match for the two chairs on my landing.

A very successful forage.....

Posted by: Salle de Bain on 6th Nov 2008 at 10:16PM

Arosebyanyothername's Avatar Fancy wall cupboard about 3 years ago - took it to pieces before sanding and painting - it is still in that condition in the attic!
Box of old lace collars - useful for theatrical costumes
1920's shoes - they pinch a bit!
Jigsaws - love them

Posted by: Arosebyanyothername on 6th Nov 2008 at 10:28PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar Oh Salle de bain I hate you.. I miss nothing about England except charity shopping and last timeI went back even that was dire!! Obviously I should be taking my Euros to your side of the water!!!

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 6th Nov 2008 at 10:38PM

My family were very bohemian and always bought 'vintage' stuff. I have to admit that as a small child my sister and I played dress up one Halloween raiding my Mother's linen drawer and cutting head holes in two hundred year old silk embroidered shawls to be gypsy ladies. Very bad and I still feel guilty. But we had loads of this stuff and did not think anything about it. I later traded at flea markets successfully for awhile before moving to London.

So, it's in my blood and I buy from charity shops, junk shops and vintage clothes dealers. My husband likes it too - otherwise there would be lost of arguments.

We sometimes laugh because hardly anything we have on, save our undies (M&S of course) have been bought new.

It goes in and out of fashion and occasionally during my life I have been seen as simply a sad second hand rose, but I hate wasting things.

I also really love fine things which I cannot afford to buy new. I still have some wool jackets with silk linings which were already vintage when I got them at charity shops in the 70's.

And even though it is frowned upon I inherited full length mink coat from my glamourous Hollywood Auntie Violet. It is fab with a silk satin lining, big shawl collar and turn back cuffs. It has a satin lining with her initials embroidered in it.

The best thing I ever got from a charity shop was a small pre raphaelite print after part of a poem by Milton. It was a weird 3 dimensional thing in an oak frame. I had it for 10 years and finally got it valued - having paid a fiver for it it sold at auction for just under 3 grand!

Keep shopping ladies!

Posted by: Crucifix on 6th Nov 2008 at 10:47PM

I have the ultimate charity shop dream - or "rummage" or "goodwill" as they say in the US. Every Tuesday morning I work at the schools' rummage office. we collect donations from the school parents and the neighbourhood. Every week from October to May we sort it all into boxes of men's, women's etc. Our Garage Sale is late May and we fill three huge school gymns. Last May we raised $50,000 in one weekend for the school's scholarship program.
I never buy retail!

Posted by: Expatmum on 7th Nov 2008 at 04:26AM

Cait's Avatar I am a junky too!

Posted by: Cait on 7th Nov 2008 at 10:20AM

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