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I have been absent for the past few days, noooo, the hangover from the party wasn't responsible for my absence, I never got to stay for more than 40 minures, thanks to an influx of relatives of Mum's, highly intent on begging me not to sell her house, it being the ancestral family home for those with the same maiden/surname etc., etc., etc., and then the oooh's and aaaaah's when they stopped rattling on and listened to my "not selling" comment. Gawd do relatives ever listen?

Anyhow friends, Cooers, and persons of great intellect who don't ask such darn silly questions as relatives do, I am leaving you.

Noooo, not for ever, just for a while. I will be back sometime after 12th May, hopefully. It is all down to broadband access. Mum left us 5 weeks ago to join Dad, and bit by bit I have been sorting out the house, getting rid of zillions of W.I magazines dating back to 1972 [didn't know we HAD that much storage in the place] and I have just had new windows put in. I have stuck with the traditional leaded panes effect, but without the drafts and whistling gales...thanks to uPVC - and the aforementioned visiting relatives are delighted with it.

We have a bank holiday here next week end, and I am taking the week off, apart from Monday. This way I hope to do some decorating of a bedroom for OH and myself. ED and YD will get the room we are currently using. Flower beds are to be assaulted, trees that have much on top and little below, and hedges in similar condition are to be either banished or trimmed to manageable proportions. I want to set seeds for the flowers I love, in flower beds long neglected because, poor love, she had gotten to the stage that she couldn't cope.

I hope, all going well, after this overhaul we shall get to move in permanently in mid/late June. It will be interesting to sit to a meal with a set of crockery that matches, at the moment the plates are Wedgewood, with mugs ranging from Walt Disney to St Petersburg. Glorious!

So, I hear you say, how come we are getting a rest from the warblings of IE? I have been on to our phone company and we go online on May 12th and I shall have this desk and PC moved up there in time for launch day.

YD bless her, has offered the use of her laptop, but it would be like cutting off her left arm to take it. She lives through it between job offers, e-gossiping and reading her Mother's blogs on the Coo [hi sweetie!].

I have promised myself that I shall sit at Mum's bureau and write reams of blogs for later inclusion here or over at the other area we land our blogs on, but truth to tell, if the past few days have been anything to go by, I will arise at 7 a.m., and collapse into bed at 11p.m., totally oblivious to what is going on in the rest of the world. This has been my saving grace, this has helped me over the initial month of my loss, but I know the full whack of grief is yet to hit, and when it does I shall go with the flow and sigh, cry and laugh at the wonderful memories the Queen of my Heart left me with.

This morning I sat enjoying a post-breakfast cuppa looking out the window, Mme Fox dashed through the garden at high speed, hopping across tussocks of grass, over brambles and around gorse as she headed for the rocks. Three minutes later a mutt of a would be hound, mongrel son of a mismatched pair flew across the same path, but my beautiful Vixen was long gone. Get up earlier boy or better still, stay in your own garden down the lane.

The garden is a garden of two halves, cultivated on the east, and the west is a wilderness....I shall semi cultivate the wilderness with OH's help - but not too much, Mme Pounce has competition for my affections from An Sionnach Rua [The red fox], she has captured my heart with her grace and beauty.

So, rather than until the 12th of never, I'll say until the 12th of May, adieu. Keep blogging friends, I want to have loads to catch up on. Headmistress, may I be excused please? The corridors need cleaning, the halls heated and a new order put in place.

Posted at 26th Apr 2008 - 07:42PM   Posted by Irish Eyes   In absentia Comments: 15

Westerwitch's Avatar You sound busy and of course there is grief there, but you have a goal and that will help - especially as the goal is moving into your Mother's house.

We shall miss you, but be with you in spirit until you are back on line with us again

Posted by: Westerwitch on 26th Apr 2008 at 07:55PM

Blossomcottage's Avatar Look forward to your return x

Posted by: Blossomcottage on 26th Apr 2008 at 08:23PM

Elizabethd's Avatar So sensible to take time out with all you have to do, and to go through.

Posted by: Elizabethd on 26th Apr 2008 at 08:42PM

Withy Brook's Avatar Irish Eyes, that was a lovely post. I lived every minute with you and will continue to do so. It sounds a lovely house and garden. You have the rellies on your side because you are not selling. For the rest - ignore them It is yours. Yes you will/must mourn when the time is right. You know that and will take it as you should. Great admiration - love Withy

Posted by: Withy Brook on 26th Apr 2008 at 09:03PM

Unpeuloufoque's Avatar What busy and enchanting times you are going to have, I am sure every day will be a fond reminded of your dear Mother and that she would be so happy that you are taking over her hearth. Come back as soon as you can and tell us all about it!

Posted by: Unpeuloufoque on 26th Apr 2008 at 09:18PM

Tattie Weasle's Avatar Lovely post - I hope you have a good week off and come back and tell us all. Take care.

Posted by: Tattie Weasle on 26th Apr 2008 at 09:27PM

Suffolkmum's Avatar I look forward to you re-joining us. Look after yourself and don't wear yourself out. x

Posted by: Suffolkmum on 26th Apr 2008 at 09:35PM

you take the time you need we'll be here when you come back xxo

Posted by: Bodran on 26th Apr 2008 at 09:47PM

Snailbeachshepherdess's Avatar Take care...dont stay away too long this time!

Posted by: Snailbeachshepherdess on 26th Apr 2008 at 09:50PM

Pondside's Avatar Lovely post, IE. You mother and dad must be watching you with such satisfaction.

Posted by: Pondside on 26th Apr 2008 at 09:58PM

Camilla's Avatar Such a lovely post Irish Eyes, look foward to seeing you on your return after May 12th, that's not too long to see you here again IE. Take care.

Love Camilla.xx

Posted by: Camilla on 27th Apr 2008 at 01:15AM

Frances's Avatar Well, Irish Eyes, again you have shown the rest of us how to place the words together to tell what is in your heart.

We will be poorer for your absence, but know that we will all rejoice in the riches that will be ours when you return.

If your lovely daughter does pop in here every so often, make sure that that she gives you a proper update!

Meanwhile, lots of love and support to you, dear friend.

Posted by: Frances on 27th Apr 2008 at 01:31AM

Woolyworks's Avatar Take care of yourself in the meantime and I'll look forward to your return. Glad it's not indefinite and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Smile

Posted by: Woolyworks on 27th Apr 2008 at 02:53AM

Cait's Avatar I too am glad you are not going for good, you gave me a fright there!

Best of luck with all the jobs.

See you soon.

Posted by: Cait on 27th Apr 2008 at 09:22PM

Milla's Avatar very sensible. Was shockied to see teh I;m leaving you bit, and then v relieved that only til 12th May. Good luck with all the hard work, you'll make a grand place of it with all your plans xx

Posted by: Milla on 28th Apr 2008 at 08:52AM

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